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Wellness Valéria

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The Valéria Wellness Center in Hotel Lomnica***** is a pleasant place that has a beneficial effect on the body and the soul. The cozy relaxation oasis is partly located in the historical part of the hotel and fully equipped with modern equipment, offering a wide range of procedures and complex services according to the current seasonal offer. You will surely gain the necessary energy in it, free your thoughts and enjoy immense well-being.

Whether you want to have a good swim or relax in the jacuzzi, in the water world of Hotel Lomnica, rich possibilities for relaxation await you. A counter-current pool with a temperature of 26-27 °C is available for swimmers. It is perfect for getting up and moving in the morning. However, the two hot tubs are also an ideal place to relax – an outdoor hot tub with a relaxation zone and a temperature of 36-37 °C and an indoor hot tub with a private area for undisturbed privacy. The sauna pleasantly warms everybody and relaxes the mind after a hard day. The warm air warms up the whole body deeply and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Treat yourself to a unique rest in winter or summer, in several ways. According to your choice, you can use a dry, steam and infrared sauna, supplemented by a cooling pool and the possibility of an experience shower. After a quality sauna, you can relax with a book or a drink in hand in the salt and Tatra tepidarium.

Treat yourself to a comfortable rest in a picturesque environment. Choose from a wide range of massages and procedures, through which you can make a recovery after training more efficiently or contribute to strengthening the prevention of possible injuries, which often occur due to unilateral overloading of certain parts of the body.

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