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Educational Trail Hrebienok

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The circuit, which is about 4 km long without large elevations, starts and ends at Hrebienok. The stroll will take you an hour to an hour and a half. Printed materials in wooden boxes are available for German- and English-speaking tourists. At the stops you will learn how glaciers completed the Tatra valleys, which is actually “Tatra granite”, you will see the complexity of the upper border of the forest. The current hiking in the Tatras has an interesting history, even overnight accommodation was not easy at first. After simple shepherd’s huts, chalet Rainerova útulňa appeared. Mountain streams are a rare environment for living in difficult mountain conditions. The movement of the valley glaciers and the erosive activity of the creek Studený potok created a famous system of waterfalls. In the end, you can look at the geomorphological and botanical peculiarity – the occurrence of dwarf pine at a very low altitude on a rare rock fracture. Stops 1 to 5 and 7 are also available for the disabled. The route is open all year round.

  1. Educational Trail Hrebienok
  2. How the Tatra valley took on their current shape
  3. About Tatra granite
  4. Current state of mountain forests
  5. Hiking trails
  6. Creek Studený Potok and its inhabitants
  7. Chalet “Rainerova útulňa”
  8. Waterfalls “Vodopády Studeného potoka”
  9. Fracture and reversal of high vegetation stages

📍 Hrebienok
🕑 1:15
↔   4 km

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