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Gallery Tricklandia Starý Smokovec

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tricklandia galeria stary smokovec tatry

Tricklandia is a place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions. In its premises you will find themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales, as well as the realities of municipalities and castles in Slovakia. It covers an area of ​​500 m2, on which there are 24 attractions. They contain 15 trick-art paintings, augmented reality, antigravity rooms, the most beautiful mirror maze in Central Europe and more. The gallery is located near the bus station, near the Sintra supermarket, above the café and teahouse U Vlka.

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A part of Tricklandia is also the COMICS exposition, which in the beginning offers a wonderful exhibition of illustrations – TRAGARE by the artist Miroslav Matuščinec, which can come to life with the application. Other rooms already bear distinctive characters inspired by comics – comic windows, descriptions with bubbles, the texture of paintings and silhouettes. These are paintings visually tuned to black and white shades. Through the camera lens, the visitor can find himself in the role of a superhero, for example, he can also try to brush the hippo’s teeth or hang on a clothesline with the laundry. Descriptions and accompanying staff are used for a good setup. Sprayed signs on the toilets are also an interesting detail that will surely conjure a smile for every visitor.

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