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Climbing Route Človečina to the Ridge Popradské zuby

Človečina, kl. V+, Zadný Popradský zub – Veľká Kôpka 2354m

Here you can experience the smallness of human existence compared to the majestic mountains. The climb has a total elevation of 1,100 meters. Access to it leads to the little-visited, but even more charming Dračia dolinka (Dragon Valley). There are nine rope lengths waiting for the climbers in the huge plates of the eastern wall in the V + stage, followed by a jagged ridge, which will lead them all the way to Dolinka pod Váhou. Such a complex mountain hike with a ridge crossing, completely secured by drilled staples, is the first and only one of its kind in the High Tatras.

The entrance to the road is in the eastern wall of the Poprad Teeth between the Neumann – Mátray ascent from 1971 and the Gálfa – Rybanský ascent from 1959.

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