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Forest Pedagogy Facility KRÁSNE SADY

+421 902 961 210
lesna pedagogika deti

The forest pedagogy facility in Krásné Sly Mlynica is a private facility dedicated to the creation and implementation of various types of educational and leisure programs and activities connected with the natural environment. It is dedicated to creating programs for the following main categories: children, families with children, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. The facility has created several types of environmental programs that pupils can complete here as part of school teaching or, for example, as part of a school trip. The programs combine various educational areas and topics such as music, mathematics, languages ​​associated with nature. Accompanied forest walks, summer camps, educational creative workshops, theater performances and other activities in the forest environment of the surroundings of Krásne Sady are prepared for the tourist public.

The forest pedagogy facility is part of the Krásne Sady Mlynica ecological project. It is situated in a forest environment at the foot of the High Tatras, between the villages of Mlynica and Nová Lesná. Its complex consists of six buildings with a circular floor plan, which were built of ecological materials. The individual buildings are named after flowers and trees – Poppy, Marigold, Violet, Chicory, Lime tree, Gentian, Hazel and activities are carried out according to educational activities.

The forest pedagogy facility is a unique facility not only in the region of the High Tatras, but in the context of the whole of Slovakia.

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