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Restaurant Svišť Nový Smokovec

+421 918 772 896

The Tatra marmot is an animal that chooses only the best from the Tatra nature. Visiting the Svišť restaurant in Kúpele Nový Smokovec (Nový Smokovec Spa) is, therefore, a suitable choice for guests looking for tasty and quality food in a pleasant environment directly below Slavkovský štít.

You can also use the stylish terrace, which is heated in the cold months, all year round. The kitchen offers delicious chef’s specialties, a rich selection of meat, meatless and flour dishes, various vegetable salads, cheeses, excellent pancakes, drinks, good beer, and delicious coffee. For more demanding customers, we offer domestic and foreign branded wines and a wide range of soft and alcoholic beverages. The restaurant also offers the possibility of organizing family celebrations or other gatherings.

More about the hotel:

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The Nový Smokovec Spa is one of the most famous climatic spas in Slovakia. They are situated in the center of the Tatra National Park (TANAP), under Slavkovský štít, at an altitude of 1018 m above sea level. The foundations of the spa in the Smokovec area were laid as early as 1797 by Count […]