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Greetings from prehistoric ages Štrbské Pleso

pravek strbske pleso zaujimavost

On a green meadow, near the path to Námestie MS in Štrbské Pleso, there is a group of boulders that resembles a prehistoric burial ground.

From prehistoric times to the present day, stones have been an integral part of cult places and burial sites. It is likely that the stone cluster is one of them. The symposium of the shapes of an errant boulder split by natural forces into a majestic form has a distinct stamp of the Middle Ages, reminiscent of a prehistoric megalithic burial ground. The primary function of such places was to deposit remains in the ground, and the secondary was their spiritual mission. Through the simple ritual of placing small food offerings in stone bowls, people worshiped the legacy of their ancestors and the continuity of the life cycles of man and the whole of nature.

The site was renewed in 2021.

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