Educational Trail Skalnaté pleso

An entertaining and educational trail for children around the tarn Skalnaté pleso is part of the project Tatranská divočina (“Tatra Wilderness”). The Tatra animals will guide the children through five stops and teach them basic and unusual information about the High Tatras. On the boards, they will learn about Skalnaté pleso, about the Lomnický štít massif, about tourists and biota around Lomnický štít and about the science at Skalnaté pleso.

  1. Skalnaté pleso
  2. Lomnický štít massif
  3. Tourists under Lomnický štít
  4. Biota around Lomnický štít
  5. Science at Skalnaté Pleso

📍 Skalnaté pleso
🕑 0:20 h
↔   1,0 km

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