Museum of Tatra Cinematography and Photography in Starý Smokovec

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muzeum tatry kinematografia fotografia

The museum’s year-round exposition captures the life, atmosphere and transformations of the Tatras captured by a camera lens, as well as the work of people who have been active in film and photography since 1870. In addition to the transformations of the Tatras, the exhibition also offers a look at the development of photography technology from the end of the 19th century. A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the works of personalities of Tatra cinematography and photography working in the Tatras. Thanks to the testimonies of relatives or the personal exhibits on display, the visitor gets to know personalities such as Karol Divald Sr., Juraj Weincziller and Milan Legutky.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, the visitor will always find another current exhibition. There are also various lectures or screenings of films.

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