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Hike from Popradské pleso to Rysy

All-day interesting hike for tourists in good physical shape. Starting from tram station Popradske Pleso the asphalt road leads us to the tarn Popradské pleso (1:15h ) and two nearby standing chalets: Chata pri Popradskom plese and Majláthova chata. Here we can relax, refresh ourselves and recover before the climb to the peak. If we have enough strength, we can carry a load like local mountain bearers from the junction Rázcestie pri Popradskom plese up to the chalet Chata pod Rysmi. The rocky forest path is slowly ascending and we continue 30min. from the tarn to a junction Rázcestie nad Žabím potokom. From the junction we keep following the red trail to the chalet Chata pod Rysmi. The ascent is long but not boring. Along the way we can see the tarns Žabie plesá and just behind them an exposed terrain secured with chains, iron cramps and steel grates awaits us. The climb is more significant, the rocky trail is winding and the steep hairpin turns will take you up the rocky path to the highest chalet in the High Tatras Chata pod Rysmi. It also provides refreshment and relaxation. From the chalet we follow the hairpin bends to a saddle Váhy, it takes about 45min. up to the top. The peak Rysy offers beautiful views of the tarns Morskie oko and Czarny staw on the Polish side of the Tatras, as well as a beautiful panorama of the tops of the High and Western Tatras.


Prevýšenie 1 253 m
Dĺžka 18,6 km (9,3 km ⬆, 9,3 km ⬇)
Čas 7,20 h (4,15 h ⬆, 3 ,05h ⬇)
Terén asfalt,kamenné schody, suť, exponovaný terén s reťazami,kramle, kovové rošty
Východiskový bod Popradské Pleso


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Rysy (2499 m) is the border peak between Slovakia and Poland in the main ridge of High Tatras. It has 3 peaks – prospective north-western (border) one, middle (main) one and south-eastern, the shortest one. There are three ridges running from the peak – to the north towards Malé Rysy, to the south through saddle […]

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Mountain Hotel Popradské Pleso*

Mountain Hotel Popradské Pleso* (formerly known as Chata kapitána Morávku) is situated in the picturesque  Mengusovská dolina  in Tatra National Park, on the bank of Popradské pleso, near Štrbské pleso at an altitude of  1494 m. Its equipment is rather like a mountain chalet. It provides accommodation for various clientele – from the apartments for those seeking […]

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Chata pod Rysmi is the highest situated (2250 m) and the youngest Tatra chalet. Chalet currently provides not only meals but also accommodation in a dormitory in the roof superstructure, if necessary in the dining room on the floor. It is an excellent starting point for mountaineering activities in Bielovodská dolina (Ťažká dolina, Galéria Ganku, […]

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