Slavkovský peak

Slavkovský peak is a prospective peak visited by tourists and has a wide broad peak on the end of south-eastern fork which runs from Východná Vysoká. On the north, there are many steep ribs and gorges heading to Veľká Studená valley while on the south there is just brash. There have lived chamois which have attracted hunters since pass times. The first known ascent to the peak by the eastern ridge was performed in 1664 by 12-member company with the leadership of Juraj Buchholtz Sr., the best expert of High Tatras in those times. The hunter who accompanied them had known the track before. From the beginnings of the 19th century, the most usual ascent to the peak has been performed from the Slavskovská valley. The first touristic track from Hrebienok was built in 1881 and reconstructed in the beginning of the 20th century. Except of that, there was built a rocky obelisk with a relief with an honour to the touristic worker Maximilian Weist who motivated the construction of the path (the obelisk fell down during the 2ndWorld War)

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