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Climbing Routes

High Tatras, a legend among climbers. Tatra climbing is challenging not only due to long approaches but also the demanding terrain and unpredictability of the weather. Climbing tours are recommended only for experienced climbers with knowledge of the topography, or in the company of a mountain guide. Of course, it is necessary to use your own belay device, as most roads are secured only by cruxes or belay stations. However, there are also easier routes.

Rules for hiking off the trails (including climbing) can be found HERE!

Anjelský hang in Mlynická dolina and a Route Through Waterfall Skok

A unique place only an hour and a half away from Štrbské Pleso offers twelve new routes. All lead through extremely beautifully shaped and solid granite. Eight of them are single in lengths III to V +, which makes them ideal for children and beginners. The other four are in a wall 90 meters high […]

Climbing Route Človečina to the Ridge Popradské zuby

Človečina, kl. V+, Zadný Popradský zub – Veľká Kôpka 2354m Here you can experience the smallness of human existence compared to the majestic mountains. The climb has a total elevation of 1,100 meters. Access to it leads to the little-visited, but even more charming Dračia dolinka (Dragon Valley). There are nine rope lengths waiting for […]

Vidlový hrebeň

The ridge connecting Lomnický štít with Kežmarský štít is one of the most beautiful and demanding ridge tours in the High Tatras. The exposed hike offers views of the Medená kotlina (“Copper Basin”) and Skalnatá dolina (“Rocky Valley”). The long climbing tour can be shortened at least a little by using the cable car to […]

Žabí kôň

The Žabí kôň (literally “Frog Horse”) climb belongs to the legendary climbing tours in the High Tatras. Žabí kôň 2,291 m above sea level is the lowest tower in the section of the main ridge of the High Tatras, which separates Žabia dolina from the Polish valley of Rybiego potoka. It is located in Kotlina […]

Climbing route VELICKÝ ZUB

Velický zub is a climbing route located near the mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. It is suitable for active climbers but also for  children over 10 years old with their climbing parents. The path is also accessible for beginners who can visit  this route with a professional climbing instructor or mountain guide. The height of  the wall is approximately 135 […]

Javorový štít

Javorový štít offers many more or less demanding hiking routes. Long and demanding ascents are in the north wall of Javorový štít from Javorová valley, suitable more for winter climbing. The ascents in the south-western and south-eastern wall of Javorový štít from Veľká Studená valley are also popular.

The north wall of Malý Kežmarský štít

The north wall of Malý Kežmarský štít is the highest wall in the Tatras and with a height of 900 meters, it is an attraction for many climbers. The northern wall is crossed by the ledge of Nemecký rebrík (“German ladder”), which ends in Ušaté sedlo, where it is connected with Medené lávky, leading to […]


Three towers near Dračí štít (“Dragon’s Peak”), which are popular among climbers especially for solid rock and routes with a wide range of difficulties. The easiest way is to climb the chimney of Komarnický and then climb the ridge over all 3 Ošarpance. Access is from Popradské pleso via Zlomisková dolina.

We recommend the company of a mountain guide for climbing tours.

Mountain Guide Association High Tatras

The Mountain Guides Association brings together leaders with a valid international certificate UIAGM-IVBV-IFMGA, which are abbreviations for the worldwide Union of Mountain Guides. They provide leadership and guide services in mountainous terrain throughout the year. In addition to guide services, they also organize ski mountaineering tours, ice climbing, avalanche courses, etc.