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From Popradské Pleso to Veľké and Malé Hincovo pleso

Very nice technically undemanding hike in the valley Mengusovská dolina for lovers of Tatra tarns. We set off from the Popradské Pleso tram stop. It would be ideal to get here by tram because then we can return with another route. A comfortable wide asphalt road leads to Popradské pleso, which in summer also serves as a cycling trail 1,10 h. ( ). At the tarn we can fresh up at either one of the two chalets – Mountain Hotel Popradské pleso or Majláthova chata. Popradské pleso is the starting point for many hikes in the area, eg. Rysy, Kôprovský štít or Ostrva and Sliezsky dom. We continue for 1,30 h ( ) up until we reach the tarn Veľké Hincove pleso. We ascend on a rocky trail with hairpin bends and stone steps. At higher altitudes, it may appear to us that over the next hill we must be already there, but this is repeated twice until we reach the destination. After the last hill we pass little tarns Hincove oká and in a few minutes we get the view of the largest and deepest lake on the Slovak side of the Tatras surrounded by peaks Mengusovský štít or Kôprovský štít. A few minutes higher up in the direction of Kôprovské sedlo we get to see much smaller but also wonderful tarn Malé Hincovo pleso. The trail continues to a peak Kôprovský štít or in a valley Hlinská dolina in the direction of tarns Temnosmrečinské plesá or to Podbanské. We return from Malé Hincove pleso in about 1,20h. to a junction Rázcestie pri Popradskom plese and from there we continue 1,10 h on red trail ( ) Tatranská Magistrála to Štrbské pleso. Don’t forget to have a look at tarns at Štrbské pleso settlement – Nové Štrbské pleso and Jazierka lásky.


Prevýšenie 699 m
Dĺžka 16,1 km (7,4 km , 8,7 km )
Čas 5:00 h (2,40 h, 2,20 h)
Terén kamenný chodník, asfaltka
Východiskový bod Popradské Pleso



Total Ascent 699 m
Trail Lenght 16,1 km (7,4 km , 8,7 km )
Duration 5:00 h (2,40 h, 2,20 h)
Terrain rocky path, asphalt road
Starting point Popradské Pleso


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