Mengusovská valley

Mengusovská valley is 8 km long, branched and the mostly visited by tourists. Its streams create river Poprad. Shorter tracks head from Štrbské Pleso (red-marked track) or from train stop Popradské Pleso (blue-marked track) to the centre of the valley to Popradské tarn and to Symbolic cemetery (memory of the dead of Tatras). The valley divides to the north-eastern Zlomisková valley and north-western Mengusovská valley next to Popradské tarn. Through this valley, there goes blue-marked path up to the Hinc’s basin and to the side basin of Žabie tarns (red-marked track). Hinc’s basin is bordered with rocky amphitheatre of Mengusovské peaks, Kôprovský peak and Čubrina. In the closure of the valley, there lies Veľké Hinc’s tarn (area of 20.08 ha, depth of 53.7 m – the biggest and the deepest tarn in the Slovak part of Tatras). Through Vyšné Kôprovské saddle, there is possibility to cross to Kôprová valley (blue-marked track) or go way up to Kôprovský peak (red-marked track) with magnificent views to the surrounding valleys and peaks. The basin of Žabie tarns is separated from Hinc’s basin by the south ridge of the dominant pyramid peak of Volovec. Around Žabie tarns, there rises a red-marked path up to Dolinka under Váh to the Chalet under the Rysy (2250 m, mountainous chalet in the highest point of Tatras) pass a massive rocky edge (fixed by chains). Through saddle Váhy, there rises a path up to the mostly visited prospective peak Rysy (2499.6 m, state border).

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