Východná Vysoká

The peak is situated between Polish ridge and Prielom. The name of the peak describes its location to the other peaks and provides very nice views from the top. It is more or less easily accessible by a touristic path from Polish ridge. The most frequent starting point of the track is from the southern foothills – from Starý Smokovec and from Tatranská Polianka and from the north it is Lysá Poľana.


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Najbližie podujatia

25. August 2019 (Sun) 16:00

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Golfový rezort Back Stork Veľká Lomnica

25. August 2019 (Sun)

Historical tram Comet

Enjoy ride by historical tram Commet from Poprad to the High Tatras.

Poprad - Vysoké Tatry

25. August 2019 (Sun) 17:00

Operné gala v Kežmarku

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Drevený artikulárny kostol Kežmarok

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