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Krásne Slovensko ponúka množstvo miest na výlet na snežniciach, ktoré kedysi veľmi podobali na tenisové rakety. Prví, ktorí ich používali boli Eskimáci a slúžili k udržaniu osoby na snehu.

CK Adventoura Slovakia offers several types of daily guided tours. One walk leads through the Kvačianská valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Liptov region in the Western Tatras. An interesting trail is also the one between the forests of the village Ždiar. Snow is guaranteed here until the end of March. The longest and most difficult hike leads along the trail through the Slovak Paradise National Park. Snowshoeing is suitable for larger groups of people.

The Association of Mountain Guides of the High Tatras will guide you on snowshoes, for example in Štrbské pleso or the surroundings of Starý Smokovec. As this is an undemanding activity, hiking boots, gloves and a hat will be enough for you, and the association will provide snowshoes and ski poles.

The Slovak Nordic Walking Association offers a basic snowshoe course around Štrbské Pleso for both amateur and professional athletes, physiotherapists, medical staff, coaches and anyone interested in learning to nordic-walk. During the course they will teach you Nordic Walking theoretically and practically.

The basic course is conducted according to the standards of the World Modern Nordic Walking Academy (WMNWA®) with a duration of 7 hours. Participants also receive an SNWA certificate of completion of the course. Course contents: material equipment, health benefits, training of good style, warm-up, coordination, strengthening and stretching methods, eliminating mistakes.