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Litvorové pleso

Litvorové pleso lies at an altitude of 1860 m. in Litvorova dolina. It’s possible to get to the tarn from Lysá Poľana following the blue marked trail . From the tarn there is a trail leading to a saddle Poľský hrebeň and further to a valley Velická dolina. It’s also possible to cross a saddleback Prielom to a valley Veľká Studená dolina.

Tips for hiking:

Hike to Vychodna Vysoka from Tatranska Polianka

Challenging all-day hike with exposed sections. Starting point of the hike is in Tatranská Polianka where from we proceed in the direction of a mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. It’s up to us if we continue with the asphalt road or the forest path that cuts through the long winding road. From Sliezsky dom that offers […]

Večný dážď a Velický waterfall

Večný dážď (literally translated as “Eternal Rain”) is a rocky threshold in Velicka dolina, specific by its veil created by flowing water. It consists of several metres high rocky threshold with overhangs in a part called Kvetnica over which the water flows continuously. It creates a water veil resembling constant drizzle. Večný dážď is accessible […]

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