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Hike through Mlynická and Furkotská Dolina

All-day challenging hike through the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina rich in natural beauty without any refreshment. The route takes us twice through more exposed terrain and is secured by chains. We start from Štrbské Pleso through the Mlynická dolina towards the Waterfall Skok, where leads a pleasant, slightly ascending forest path, later a rocky trail. From the waterfall we climb up and go through an exposed section above the waterfall secured by chains. We continue further with the help of chains to a terrace above the waterfall and to a tarn called Pleso nad Skokom. From here we ascend on rocky trail, steps and rubble stones up to a saddle Bystrá lávka. Along the way we can also see the wreckage of the MI-8 rescue helicopter, which crashed here in 1979 with a commemorative plaque dedicated to the victims of this accident. This route is a reward for all the lovers of Tatra tarns, besides the above mentioned Pleso nad Skokom there are Vyšné Volie plieska, Kozie plesá and just before the final ascent on stone rubble to Bystrá lávka, there is beuatiful Okrúhle and Capie pleso. The crossing through Bystrá lávka is secured by chains but the more experienced ones can do it also without them. On the way we can also admire the Tatra peaks like Satan, Štrbský štít, Furkotský štít or Hrubá kopa. After crossing Bystrá lávka we’ll be enchanted by a tarn Vyšné Wahlenbergove pleso, that is the second highest elevated tarn in the High Tatras, and later by Soliskové pliesko and Nižné Wahlenbergove pleso. From Bystrá lávka we descend the valley Furkotská dolina first on a stone rubble and then rocky trail . We get to a junction Rázcestie pod Soliskom and here we can decide whether to shorten the track and going in a direction of chalet Chata pod Soliskom 0:15h. and then using a chairlift or to continue by foot to a junction Rázcestie pod Furkotskou dolinou 0:40 h . This way we will descend on stone steps and later forest path up until we reach Štrbské Pleso 0:35 h . The hike can be made in both directions. If we are lucky enough, in Mlynická dolina under the saddleback Bystrá lávka can we see chamois.


Prevýšenie 948 m
Dĺžka 15,6 km (7,3 km , 8,3 km )
Čas 5:50 h (3,25 h, 2,25 h)
Terén lesný a kamenný chodník, suť, 2 úseky istené reťazami
Východiskový bod  Štrbské Pleso



Total Ascent 948 m
Trail Lenght 15,6 km (7,3 km , 8,3 km )
Duration 5:50 h (3,25 h, 2,25 h)
Terrain rocky path,easy climbing terrain secured by chains
Starting point Štrbské Pleso


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