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Ascent to Predné Solisko along the ski slope

A moderately strenuous half-day hike. We start our hike from the bottom station of the chair lift in Štrbské Pleso and continue up until the chalet Chata pod Soliskom – 1,50 h ( ). The trail is at first a forest path and then changes into rocky with stone steps. The chalet offers refreshment and a place to relax. From this point on only 0,40min. ( ) to reach the top. We climb the rocky trail with some unpaved areas and stone rubble. This is the easiest peak of the High Tatras for tourists to reach. After the climb we can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Kriváň, Štrbské pleso and the surroundings.


Prevýšenie cca 770 m
Dĺžka 8,4 km (4,2 km , 4,2 km )
Čas 4:25 h (2,5 h, 1,55 h)
Terén kamenný a lesný chodník, suť, kamenné schody
Východiskový bod Štrbské Pleso



Total Ascent

cca cca 770 m
Trail Lenght 8,4 km (4,2 km , 4,2 km )
Duration 4:25 h (2,5 h, 1,55 h)
Terrain rocky and forest path, stone rubble, stone steps
Starting point Štrbské Pleso


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