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Caves in Tatras and Surrounding

Explore the underground beauty of the caves. Visit the only accessible cave in the Tatras and a cave in the Tatras region.

Belianska cave

The Belianska Cave is one of the most visited caves in Slovakia. In addition to the bizarre rock shapes, it is known by a rich occurrence of calcareous sinter. Although interest in the natural wonders of the cave has persisted for 125 years, the patterns of its creation have not yet been fully clarified. The […]

Važecká Cave

Underground treasury of upper Liptov. Važecká cave is one of the most famous caves in northern Slovakia. It belongs among the shorter accessible caves. The sightseeing route measures 235 meters, elevation is 5 meters and the cave has 88 steps. The duration of the tour is about 25 minutes. Cave temperature ranges between 6.5 ° […]