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Golf Resort Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica

+421 52 466 11 11, +421 52 466 18 06
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Black Stork Golf Resort in Veľká Lomnica, on the sunny side of the High Tatras, is the only golf resort of its kind in the High Tatras. The golf course is a popular place not only for golfers, but it is also suitable for organizing golf tournaments, golf academies or corporate events throughout the year. There is a 27-hole course, training areas, professional golf coaches, of course, golf equipment rental, training for children and adults and a camp for children.

In the middle of the golf course is the stylish Hotel International ****, which is available to you with 28 double rooms and 1 suite, a wellness center with indoor and outdoor heated pool and spaces for conferences, family celebrations or weddings.

More about the hotel:


Hotel International **** is part of the Black Stork golf resort in Veľká Lomnica, only 5 km from Tatranská Lomnica, and provides quality and comprehensive services throughout the year for golf enthusiasts as well as non-golfers. Elegant, stylish and thanks to its location directly on the field, a unique resort in the High Tatras was […]

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