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Climbing with a Mountain Guide

If you have already hiked the marked hiking trails and you are fascinated by the adrenaline and beautiful views from the highest peaks of the Tatras, you can use the services of professional mountain guides who will accompany you safely to your chosen peak and of course back.

Rules for hiking off the trails (including climbing) can be found HERE!

Ascent to Pyšný štít

Pyšný štít is located between Malá Studená dolina and Medená kotlina and it’s the biggest peak in the ridge from Baranie rohy to Lomnický štít with an altitude of 2623 meters above sea level. It is adjacent to Malý Pyšný štít. They are separated by a Pawlikowského štrbina and Lastovičia štrbina, between which there is […]

Ascent to Satan

The ascent to Satan 2432 meters above sea level is not one of the technically demanding ascents, but there is no marked hiking trail leading to it. It is a sought-after and popular hike also thanks to the beautiful views that are offered from the top. Satan is the highest peak in the ridge Hrebeň […]

Ascent to Vysoká

Vysoká is one of the most beautiful and frequently visited peaks in the High Tatras. It has an unmistakable shape and is an ornament of the Tatra panoramas. It has an altitude of 2650 meters above sea level and rises in the main ridge between the Mengusovská and Bielovodská valleys, more precisely above their branches […]

Ascent to Baranie rohy

Ascent to Baranie rohy, 2526 meters above sea level, is one of the simpler hikes. It is a sought-after and popular tour in summer or winter. This massive peak stands about a hundred meters from the main ridge of the High Tatras. It has two peaks on the top plateau – southeast – main and […]

Ascent to Bradavica

One of the lesser-known peaks, but even more beautiful ascents, is the Tatra peak called Bradavica with an altitude of 2476 m. It lies in a side ridge, which extends from the peak Východná Vysoká between Velická and Veľká Studená dolina. With a height of 2476 meters, it is the highest peak of this ridge, […]

Ascent to Ganek

Ganek is a peak in the main ridge of the High Tatras with three peaks, which rises above three valleys – Rumanová (connected to Zlomisková dolina), Ťažká and Kačacia. The last two are connected to the peak with extremely steep and impressive walls. Ganek has an altitude of 2462 meters above sea level and is […]

Ascent to Gerlach

The most popular and most visited peak is the highest peak of the High Tatras Gerlach with an altitude of 2655 m. You can choose from several ascent options according to technical difficulty. In the summer, the classic ascent leads through Velická próba and Velický žľab to Sedielko nad Kotlom at an altitude of 2425 […]

Ascent to Kežmarský štít

Ascent along the regular route from Skalnaté pleso to Kežmarský štít (2556 meters above sea level) is one of the moderately demanding ascents. The Vidlový hrebeň (ridge) separates it from Lomnický štít. In Kežmarský štít, the fork of Lomnický štít is divided into a south-eastern arm, the dominant feature of which is Huncovský štít. The […]

Ascent to Končistá

Končistá with an altitude of 2538 meters above sea level lies in the southern neighboring side ridge of Popradský Ľadový štít in the High Tatras. In the east, the ridge descends to Batizovská dolina, in the west to Štôlska dolina. The highest of the three peaks of Končistá is called Jármayho stôl („Jármay’s table“). Until […]

Ascent to Ľadový štít

Ľadový štít is the third highest peak of the High Tatras with an altitude of 2627 meters above sea level and is also a very popular peak for mountain guide climbs. It is located in the main ridge of the High Tatras between Malý Ľadový štít and Zadný Ľadový štít. It is separated from the […]

Ascent to Lomnický štít

The second highest peak is Lomnický štít with an altitude of 2633 meters above sea level, which is accessible as the only peak in the High Tatras by cable car from Tatranská Lomnica. Several ascent routes lead to the top of Lomnický štít: The easiest and most popular of them is the ascent from Lomnické […]

Ascent to Prostredný hrot

The ascent to Prostredný hrot 2441 meters above sea level is one of the more demanding ascents. Stredohot is the highest peak of the Prostredný ridge, which extends from the main ridge of the High Tatras to the south as a side arm of the Široká veža. The ridge separates the Malá and Veľká Studená […]

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The Mountain Guides Association brings together leaders with a valid international certificate UIAGM-IVBV-IFMGA, which are abbreviations for the worldwide Union of Mountain Guides. They provide leadership and guide services in mountainous terrain throughout the year. In addition to guide services, they also organize ski mountaineering tours, ice climbing, avalanche courses, etc.