Tatranské informačné kancelárie Starý Smokovec 052/442 34 40 Tatranská Lomnica 052/446 81 19 Informácie

Tatra Information Offices

Tatra Information Offices in Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica provide professional information on trips, summer and winter activities, weather, current events, accommodation and general services in the High Tatras and their surroundings.

Offer of the Tatra Information Offices

Both Tatra Information Offices in the High Tatras mainly present goods from local creators.

Both Tatra information offices mainly present goods from local creators. In addition to important mountain insurance, information, interesting brochures, banknotes with a value of zero or current events, the visitor will certainly enjoy a wide selection of literature with Tatra topics from professional to photographic to fascinating poetry. Handmade jewelery in the shape of a edelweiss or chamois by Matúš Krúčay or a hiking mark by jeweler Miriam Veselá are also wonderful. Wooden magnets from Tatranská Lomnica, quality alcohol Zizak from Poprad-Stáže, cosmetics with popular shea butter from the Cyprianus company or a DVD from the well-known Pavol Barabáš will also please the eye. The advantage is the possibility of using copying, printing or scanning of documents, or free WiFi.

Tatra Information Office Starý Smokovec

Verified information under the crown of a beautiful beech right in the center of Starý Smokovec

The information office in Starý Smokovec is always located in the building of the Mountain Rescue Service together with one of its members. You will find souvenirs, maps, raincoats, magnets, books, stamps, jewelery from local creators, the popular Wander Cards, but you will also take out mountain insurance and you can also ask about the current weather. Interesting sightseeing is also the beautiful overhanging beech tree in front of the building (Tree of the year 2021), which is beautiful in every season. The office right in the center of the High Tatras, close to the train and bus stations, is ideal for the beginning and end of the tour.

Address: Starý Smokovec 23, 062 01 Vysoké Tatry  – MAP

Parking: no

Phone: + 421 52 442 34 40

Mail: [email protected]

Opening hours: DAILY from 8:00 to 18:30

Tatra Information Office Tatranská Lomnica

Beautiful souvenirs and quality information from under Lomnický štít right next to the Cesta Slobody road

The information office in Tatranská Lomnica is located on the main Cesta Slobody road in a one-storey yellow building between a café and a bookstore. There is also a VUB ATM directly in the building. Here you will find various information leaflets, brochures and posters with current cultural events as well as nice souvenirs, jewelery, detailed maps, shea butter of all scents, books and buff neckwear. You’ll get verified information about hikes, attractions or mountain insurance. The office is only a few meters from the railway and bus station and offers a stepping stone to a great day for all its visitors.

Address: Tatranská Lomnica 98, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry – MAP

Parking: yes

Phone: + 421 52 446 81 19

Mail: [email protected]

Opening hoirs:DAILY from 7:30 to 18:00

Looking forward to your visit!