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ZINGI – Ginger drink

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The word ZINGI has its origin in the Latin name “zingiber” for ginger, which is the basic ingredient of all our products. Ginger, with its slightly spicy and penetrating taste, is why you will not forget our products.

For us founders, the name ZINGI is synonymous with passion, taste, experience, liveliness, energy and originality. Each sip of ZINGI is an invitation to the world of sharp but at the same time delicate taste tones that will refresh your sense of taste and delight you with its luxurious and original design.

In our offer, you will find classic non-alcoholic ZINGI ginger essence in pasteurized or unpasteurized form. And we went further, we just recently produced our ZINGI Ginger liqueur and ginger beer, with which you can taste ginger in another interesting way. Only high-quality and carefully selected ingredients in ZINGI can offer this. Each sip is sweetened with honey from a renowned Slovak beekeeper, which only underlines our commitment to quality and authenticity.

Do you need juice in your life? Add ZINGI soft drink and you also get your own personal ginger doctor for every day.