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Zelené Krivánske tarn a Malé tarn

The tarn Zelené Krivánske pleso is situated in Važecká dolina at an altitude of 2012 m. It´s area is 5,161 ha, maximal depth is 23,1 m. There is no hiking trail leading straight to the tarn, so you can admire it only from marked trail from Malý Kriváň. You can get there from Tri Studničky 3,50 h ( ), or from Štrbské Pleso 4,10 h ( ) and ( ) trail. Approximately 50 metres from the tarn is another small one – Malé pliesko. This is situated at an altitude of 2004 m.

Tips for hiking:

Hike through Mlynická and Furkotská Dolina

All-day challenging hike through the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina rich in natural beauty without any refreshment. The route takes us twice through more exposed terrain and is secured by chains. We start from Štrbské Pleso through the Mlynická dolina towards the Waterfall Skok, where leads a pleasant, slightly ascending forest path, later a rocky […]

Walk from Štrbské to Jamské pleso

Pleasant approximately 2,5-hour walk there and back suitable for families with children. We start at Štrbské pleso railway station, from where we continue to the tarn by blue trail (). We pass along it on the left side, turn off at the red trail () and continue along a pleasant forest path towards Jamské pleso. […]

Ascent to Kriváň from Štrbské Pleso

Challenging all-day hike for tourists in good physical shape without the possibility of refreshment on the way. We start from Štrbské pleso and are heading to Jamské pleso -1h:10min. () following a comfortable forest path with minimal ascent up until we reach the trail junction Rázcestie pri Jamskom plese. We start our way up () […]


According to a legend, Kriváň is bent because once an angel flew over it, accidentally stumbled upon it and bent it which only enhanced its beauty. There is Cyril-Methodius cross at the top. His motif has already inspired many poets, painters and photographers, he also belongs to the jewel of the Liptov folklore. Since 2009, […]

Partisan Bunker under Kriváň

About an hour’s walk from Tri Studničky on the way to Kriváň, we find a reconstructed partisan bunker marked with a memorial plaque, reminiscent of the difficult battle of German fascists with the partisan unit of the High Tatras, which took place here on January 14, 1945. One of the victims of the mentioned battles […]

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