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Adventure Golf, Mini Golf, Footgolf, Golf Simulator and many other attractions for golf lovers and enthusiasts.

Golf Simulator Wellness Hotel Borovica

The simulator costs 14€/hour, each started hour is counted. The fee includes a golf bag for the player – for men, ladies and also for children. Playing on a golf simulator for people under 18 is only possible if accompanied by an adult. The staff of our wellness center will be pleased to advice you. […]

Adventure Golf Veľký Slavkov

The unique 18-holes minigolf golf just 3 km from Poprad and 8 km from The High Tatras located in APLEND Tatry Holiday Resort in Veľký Slavkov develops focus, patience, estimation as well as supports the healthy competitiveness. You can enjoy times of tension as well as a lot of fun. The minigolf is a perfect game […]

Minigolf Garni Hotel Tatramonti Poprad – Indoor Tatra Adventure Golf

You can find a mini-golf course with 18 holes in Garni Hotel Tatramonti in Poprad. It provides the only indoor adventure golf in Slovakia. The course is available for the public as well as for the hotel guests. Adventure golf is a sport suitable for all age categories because it is easy to play. It […]

Golf Resort Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica

Black Stork Golf Resort in Veľká Lomnica, on the sunny side of the High Tatras, is the only golf resort of its kind in the High Tatras. The golf course is a popular place not only for golfers, but it is also suitable for organizing golf tournaments, golf academies or corporate events throughout the year. […]