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Climbing Walls

Rock climbing in the High Tatras is for experienced only. However, you can also try it with your children at safe climbing walls.

Mini Me Club Nový Smokovec

A 2-storey kid´s corner where your kids can play, run around, jump, paint and develop their skills in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Experienced and professional staff is there all day to take care of the children. There is also a climbing wall in the area. The children’s corner is intended for children from 4 […]

Climbing Wall – Wellness Hotel Borovica

The outdoor climbing wall measures 67,6 m2, with a height of 11,8 m, a width of 5.2 m and an overhang of 1 m. There are 230 holds and 4 lines of belay points with a difficulty of 5-8UIAA. The climbing wall is open from April to September for both large and small ones, intermediate […]

Climbing Wall Popradské pleso

Children and adults can try climbing on the climbing wall at the Mountain Hotel Popradské pleso. All ages are here to find their way to the top. During the tourist break at the beautiful Popradské pleso, it is a popular free attraction for all visitors. More about the hotel:

Stienka Caffé

Stienka is a nice place for both little and big ones. It has the character of a boulder wall with different heights and an alternative to short rope climbing. There is a pleasant café for the “non-climbers”. All up-to-date information regarding opening hours is available on the website www.stienka.sk .

Woodrock Climbing Wall

Indoor climbing centre in Poprad with the highest climbing wall in Central Europe (30.5 m). Opening hours: daily 17:00-21:00 (check the opening hours by phone: +421 902 662 066 or via Facebook message). If interested, it’s possible to customize individually.