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Wellness – Hotel Slovan

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Relax and renew in our Spa. Enter a world of soothing tranquility. High Tatra´s nature with fresh mountain air creates an atmosphere for relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection. Connection of air, water and massage procedure will make you feel newborn. After a mountain walk and visiting a Relax center including a pool with massage jets, there are experienced hands of our empathetic therapist waiting just for you. Enjoy the delight and full of your needs with massage, peat wrap, body peeling or therapies. We are happy to recommend the most appropriate procedure for you. You can fit the best one for you from our offer for ladies and gentlemen, as well as a romantic offer for couples.

Therapeutic rooms have a special atmosphere following the concept of seasons color option, which enhances your pleasure and recovery. Tailored relaxing music, aromatherapy essences and essential natural oils will touch your senses and during each procedure, you have available the best part of Tatra´s nature – mountain spring water.

Babies and children are welcome in our Relax center. Children’s corner and its amenities are at your disposal as well as our Wellness shop with its abundant supply of children’s swim equipment (special floats, muffs, vests, etc.). Conditions in our swimming pool are suitable for kids who are making the first contact with the water element. Babies are welcome with a special bathing diaper available for purchase in our Wellness shop.

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Hotel SLOVAN***

Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica is located in the heart of the High Tatras, Tatra National Park in Slovakia. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful countryside of the High Tatras, which makes it suitable for a unique holiday throughout the year. The hotel is a great place for families and for businesses. It offers comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine, Relax centrum […]