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Wandering in Belianske Tatras

Very beautiful hike in the Belianske Tatras – through a valley Zadné Meďodoly. We start in a village Tatranská Javorina at a bus stop Pošta. Then we continue 0,30h. along a comfortable paved path to a junction Rázcestie pod Muráňom. This part of the track is also suitable for a walk with a baby stroller or a wheelchair. At the junction the trail disconnects to Javorova dolina but we continue 2,15h. along the blue trail and an Educational trail Zadné Meďodoly. We climb up first a forest path that later switches to a beautiful green meadow up until we reach the saddle Kopské sedlo. Along the way we can admire wonderful peaks such as Muráň, Havran, Hlúpy or Ždiarska vidla. The nature here seems really intact and you can enjoy a true oasis of peace and silence. From Kopské sedlo we descend to a tarn Veľké Biele pleso, where we can decide whether to refresh ourselves at the chalet Chata pri Zelenom plese 0,30 h or continue along a rocky trail directly to Tatranské Matliare 2,15 h or to Kežmarská Biela voda 2,05 h . If we want to extend our hike, we continue 1,10h. further along the green trail to a chalet Plesnivec and from there 1 hour more to Tatranská Kotlina.


Prevýšenie cca 748 m
Dĺžka 16,8 km (8,6 km , 8,2 km )
Čas 5:00 h (2,45 h, 2,15 h)
Terén kamenný chodník, lesný chodník
Východiskový bod Tatranská Javorina



Total Ascent

cca 748 m
Trail Lenght 16,8 km (8,6 km , 8,2 km )
Duration 5:00 h (2,45 h, 2,15 h)
Terrain rocky path, forest path
Starting point Tatranská Javorina


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Veľké Biele pleso

The tarn Veľké Biele pleso is situated in 1 612 m. elevation. It´s area is  0,9670 ha and the depth 0,8 m. There are many possibilities how to get here. For example from Zelené pleso by red trail cca 0,35 min. – on this trail you can also see Trojrohé pliesko – from Kopské sedlo […]

Javorová dolina

This valley is bordered from the right side with Belianske Tatras. The highest part of the valley which turns to the east is called Zadná Javorová valley. Javorová dolina branches off into valleys Zadné Meďodoly, Kolová dolina, Čierna Javorová dolina and Suchá dolina. There are also several tarns situated in the valley: Žabie Javorové pleso […]

Chalet Plesnivec

The only chalet situated in the Belianske Tatras. It’s open all year-round. It’s located on the southern slope of their main ridge, under the cliffs of a part called Skalné vráta. To the chalet you can get from a settlement Tatranská Kotlina – bus stop Čarda cca 1:50h; from Kežmarské Žľaby 1:55h or from Chata […]

Chata pri Zelenom plese

Chata pri Zelenom plese (1551m.) is open all year-round. It is located in the valley of Zelené pleso (“green tarn”). Throughout the years stood around the tarn several chalets that were destroyed either by storm or fire. History: The first visitors of the Zelené pleso had no opportunity to spend the night here. In 1876 […]

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