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From Hrebienok Through the Waterfalls to Zamkovského chata

Easy pleasant walk suitable for families with children. We start at Hrebienok, where we got by the funicular from Starý Smokovec. We continue towards Bilíkova chata and waterfalls (). After 0,15 h we get to a junction Rázcestie nad Dlhým vodopádom. It pays off to descend a few meters on a yellow trail () and […]

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Two

Tatranská Magistrála cross-over from Chata pri Zelenom plese through a saddle Veľká Svišťovka, along a tarn Skalnaté pleso up to a chalet Zamkovského chata. In the section Chata pri Zelenom plese – Veľka Svišťovka, the hike is more difficult with partially exposed terrain secured by chains. It’s more beautiful to do the hike in the […]

Klzisko Vyšné Hágy sídlisko

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

From Tatranská Lesná through the Waterfalls to Tatranská Lomnica

Pleasant walk suitable for families with children. We start in Tatranská Lesná, where we can easily get by tram. After getting out, we cross the road and the guidepost immediately directs us towards Vodopády Studeného potoka that will take about 1,30 h on a yellow trail (). We follow first a forrest path, later a […]

From Belianske to High Tatras

Very pleasant hike from Tatranská Kotlina through chalet Plesnivec to the tarn Veľké Biele pleso, where we can see an interesting transition between Belianske and High Tatras. We start in Tatranská Kotlina at the bus stop Čarda. From here leads the easiest trail to the chalet (1:55 h) and we can get there by a […]

Klzisko Horizont Resort – Stará Lesná

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

From Popradské Pleso to Veľké and Malé Hincovo pleso

Very nice technically undemanding hike in the valley Mengusovská dolina for lovers of Tatra tarns. We set off from the Popradské Pleso tram stop. It would be ideal to get here by tram because then we can return with another route. A comfortable wide asphalt road leads to Popradské pleso, which in summer also serves […]

Kyslíková dráha okolo Štrbského plesa

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Klzisko Aréna Poprad

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

From Chata pod Soliskom to Wahlenbergove tarns

Medium challenging half-day hike with a help of a chairlift from Štrbské pleso to a chalet Chata pod Soliskom. We’ll take a blue marked rocky trail () 0,15h. to a junction Rázcestie pod Soliskom from where we turn off onto a yellow trail (). We follow 1,15h. through a valley Furkotská dolina up to the […]

Areál bežeckého lyžovania Snow Štrbské Pleso

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Through Zelené pleso to Jahňací štít

Very nice all-day hike for more demanding and skilled hikers. There are more possible ways how to get to the peak. The shortest track to Chata pri Zelenom plese („The Chalet at the Green Tarn“) leads from a bus stop Biela voda – 2,5 h. (). The comfortable trail leads through woods and meadows and […]

Walk from Štrbské to Jamské pleso

Pleasant approximately 2,5-hour walk there and back suitable for families with children. We start at Štrbské pleso railway station, from where we continue to the tarn by blue trail (). We pass along it on the left side, turn off at the red trail () and continue along a pleasant forest path towards Jamské pleso. […]

Asscent to Kriváň from Štrbské Pleso

Challenging all-day hike for tourists in good physical shape without the possibility of refreshment on the way. We start from Štrbské pleso and are heading to Jamské pleso -1h:10min. () following a comfortable forest path with minimal ascent up until we reach the trail junction Rázcestie pri Jamskom plese. We start our way up () […]

Cross country skiing in Starý Smokovec and surrounding

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Tatranská Magistrála: Part IV.

The last part of Tatranská magistrála from Popradské pleso to Podbanské awaits us. This route is not technically demanding, but if we want to go all the way till the end, it is quite long. We start at Popradské pleso and after 1,10 h h by red trail () we arrive at Štrbské Pleso, where […]

Rafting Dunajec

Youngest team doing rafting on the Dunajec River. A variety of tourist attractions in the Pieniny National Park awaits every visitor. It is beyond doubt that one of these is adrenaline entertainment – floating the Dunajec river. Rafting Dunajec are a young team having a long-standing practice. Our offer includes canoe and raft rentals as […]

Crosscountry skiining Tatranská Lomnica and surroundings

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Ascent to Koprovsky stit from Strbske Pleso

Very beautiful and interesting all-day hike. We start from Strbske pleso along ( ) trails until we reach the junction of Trigan where we’ll decide if we want to continue along the red trail with beautiful views of Popradske pleso or to go along the green trail (during winter season this is the winter trail) […]


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Crosscountry skiing Veľká Lomnica

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Sliezsky dom from Tatranská Polianka

Popular, technically undemanding hike from Tatranská Polianka to the Mountain Hotel Sliezsky dom. Starting point for our hike is in Tatranská Polianka, where we can easily get by tram or park our car at a small parking lot right by the road. Right next to the main road to the left of the digital gallery […]

Ascent to Predné Solisko along the ski slope

A moderately strenuous half-day hike. We start our hike from the bottom station of the chair lift in Štrbské Pleso and continue up until the chalet Chata pod Soliskom – 1,50 h (). The trail is at first a forest path and then changes into rocky with stone steps. The chalet offers refreshment and a […]

Crosscountry skiing in Belianske Tatras

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Long Ascent to Slavkovský štít

A long strenuous all-day hike without the possibility of refreshment, by many tourists referred to as endless :-). We start from Starý Smokovec following the blue trail next to the funicular station up until a junction Rázcestie pod Slavkovským štítom 1h:10min. From here we continue by slowly ascending to Slavkovská vyhliadka where we can rest […]

Crosscountry skiing Veľká Lomnica (kópia)

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Veľkou Studenou dolinou na Zbojnícku chatu

Príjemná poldenná túra krásnou zelenou Veľkou Studenou dolinou. Vychádzame z Hrebienka, kam sa vyvezieme pozemnou lanovkou. Pre tých, ktorí chcú vyraziť skôr alebo im predĺženie túry nevadí začnú už v Starom Smokovci a na Hrebienok si vyšlapú pešo. Z Hrebienka sa vydáme pohodlným širokým chodníkom na Rázcestie nad Rainerovou chatou 0,20 h (), tu sa […]

Hike to Vychodna Vysoka from Tatranska Polianka

Challenging all-day hike with exposed sections. Starting point of the hike is in Tatranská Polianka where from we proceed in the direction of a mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. It’s up to us if we continue with the asphalt road or the forest path that cuts through the long winding road. From Sliezsky dom that offers […]

Malou Studenou dolinou na Téryho chatu

Poldenná túra Malou Studenou dolinou. Vychádzame z Hrebienka, kam sa vyvezieme pozemnou lanovkou. Pre tých, ktorí chcú vyraziť skôr  alebo im predĺženie túry nevadí začnú už v Starom Smokovci a na Hrebienok si vyšlapú pešo. Z Hrebienka sa vydáme pohodlným širokým chodníkom  na Rázcestie nad Rainerovou chatou  0,20 h (), odtiaľto pokračujeme súbežne () kamenným […]

Klzisko pri ZŠ Tatranská Lomnica

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Hike from Popradské pleso to Rysy

All-day interesting hike for tourists in good physical shape. Starting from tram station Popradske Pleso the asphalt road leads us to the tarn Popradské pleso (1:15h ) and two nearby standing chalets: Chata pri Popradskom plese and Majláthova chata. Here we can relax, refresh ourselves and recover before the climb to the peak. If we […]

Loop Hike Via Priečne Sedlo

Crossing the saddleback Priečne sedlo is a very popular but challenging all-day hike. However, it’s not suitable for everyone – the stretch through the saddle from Malá to Veľká Studená dolina or vice versa is exposed and secured by chains. We can shorten the hike by overnight stay at one of the chalets Téryho chata, […]

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Three

We continue where we left off – this time at Zamkovského chata. We’ll hike through Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso. This is technically undemanding but quite long track with several possibilities of rest and refreshment along the road. If we are crossing the entire Tatranská Magistrála, then we’ll start at Zamkovského chalet where we slept. […]

Klzisko Jazierko

Prírodné jazierko – verejné korčuľovanie aj hokej 9.00.-18.00, požičovňa korčúľ s osvetlením

Hike through Mlynická and Furkotská Dolina

All-day challenging hike through the valleys Mlynická and Furkotská dolina rich in natural beauty without any refreshment. The route takes us twice through more exposed terrain and is secured by chains. We start from Štrbské Pleso through the Mlynická dolina towards the Waterfall Skok, where leads a pleasant, slightly ascending forest path, later a rocky […]

From Tatranská Kotlina or Kežmarské Žľaby to Chalet Plesnivec

Easy pleasant hike to the only chalet in the Belianske Tatras suitable also for families with children. We start in Tatranská Kotlina at the bus stop Čarda. From here leads the easiest trail to the chalet (1:55 h). The hiking trail starts right next to the main road either at the bus stop or from […]

Fun Park

Snowtubing, Snowbags, Snowrafting, Snowball, Disc Golf, Tatranský karling

Klzisko Starý Smokovec

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Ascent to Predné Solisko through Furkotská dolina

Medium challenging half-day hike. We start the hike from Štrbské pleso 0,40 h to a junction Rázcestie pod Furkotou. If we continued along the red trail we would get to a tarn Jamské pleso but we choose the yellow trail instead. After 1h. along first forest path and then stone steps we get to a […]

Wandering in Belianske Tatras

Very beautiful hike in the Belianske Tatras – through a valley Zadné Meďodoly. We start in a village Tatranská Javorina at a bus stop Pošta. Then we continue 0,30h. along a comfortable paved path to a junction Rázcestie pod Muráňom. This part of the track is also suitable for a walk with a baby stroller […]

Klzisko Dolný Smokovec ZŠ

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Loop Hike from Tatranská Lomnica through Waterfalls Studeného Potoka and Skalnaté Pleso

All day unchallenging hike with gentle incline. We start in Tatranská Lomnica in the cable car area. We go around the cable car station to Štart from the left side and continue on blue trail to an irrigation tank. We don’t have to be afraid to get off or miss the trail because the route […]

Po Tatranskej Magistrále I.

All day hike in Belianske Tatras for lovers of less frequented hiking trails. This is the first part of the Tatranská Magistrála cross-over: Ždiar – Monkova dolina, Kopské sedlo – Zelené pleso. We start the hike in the village of Ždiar – bus stop Tatra. We strike out in the direction of a junction Rázcestie […]


Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Hike to Waterfall Skok

A simple hike also for families with kids. We start at Štrbské Pleso, where we can get either by tram or there are several parking lots available in the area. The beginning of our trail to the Waterfall Skok 1,35 h () can be found at the signpost at the turn to the chairlift to […]

From Štrbské Pleso to Symbolic Cemetery and Popradské pleso

Pleasant half-day hike suitable also for families, with more options for refreshment and relaxation. Our starting point is at Štrbské Pleso railway station, from where we follow the red and blue trails ( ) on an asphalt road along the souvenir stands. We pass under a bridge. We continue straight up across a bridge to […]

Loisch’s Spring

Loisch’s spring, which has long been said to belong to the healing mineral waters, springs up along the tourist path leading to the valley Dolina Zeleného plesa. The surroundings of the spring were a popular walking place for spa guests and around it already in the 19th century a tourist path led to the valley […]

Town Park in Tatranská Lomnica

The city park in Tatranská Lomnica is the oldest park in the High Tatras and the surrounding area. Its history dates back to 1892. It is located in the heart of the picturesque mountain settlement of Tatranská Lomnica. There are typical Tatra plant species located here. It is a popular place for everyday walks with […]

Conservation Reserve of Folk Architecture in Osturňa

The village is located at an altitude of 600 to 900 m. in the NW part of the Spišská Magura mountain range. In the southern part of the cadastre, the Magura ridges reach about 1200 m above sea level. The village is situated on the border with Poland, in the vicinity of Tatranská Javorina, Ždiar, […]

Symbolic Cemetery at Popradské Pleso

The Symbolic Cemetery (1525 m) is an important Tatra memorial site near the tarn Popradské pleso under the western walls of Ostrva. The memorial cemetery is intended primarily to commemorate those who died in the High Tatras or the exceptional people from the Tatras, who lost their lives in the world’s mountains. You’ll find here […]

Dog sledding

Two-hour private dog sledding program.

Educational Trail Rakytovské plieska

Educational trail that allows visitors to get to know the effects of the calamity on the Tatra forest and the possibilities of its restoration. The 4,5 km long walk takes about two hours. The route leads through moderately demanding mountain terrain and has five stops. You’ll have an opportunity to see and learn how the […]

Tatra Comet

The legendary High Tatras tram – the Comet – was rescued thanks to partners and sponsors and runs again in the High Tatras. After demanding repair of the motors damaged by a lightning, it is back to serve the tourists. Come and take a closer look at the treasure of the High Tatras railways and […]

Náučný chodník Slovenská banská cesta

.   Forest park in Kvetnici 1:00 hour ↔   3,5 km

Educational Trail Hrebienok

The circuit, which is about 4 km long without large elevations, starts and ends at Hrebienok. The stroll will take you an hour to an hour and a half. Printed materials in wooden boxes are available for German- and English-speaking tourists. At the stops you will learn how glaciers completed the Tatra valleys, which is […]

Educational Trail Tatras’s Songbirds

Park of Hotel Slovan Tatranská Lomnica with an Educational trail Tatra’s Songbirds can be found in the central part of the Tatranská Lomnica, about 300 meters from the cable car station to Skalnaté pleso. Park is freely accessible to all visitors. The trail consists of 15 information panels, made of wood, which corresponds nicely with […]

Discover Poprad by train

Sightseeing trips through Poprad and Spišská Sobota from a tourist train.

Climbing Wall Wellness Hotel Borovica

The outdoor climbing wall measures 67,6 m2, with a height of 11,8 m, a width of 5.2 m and an overhang of 1 m. There are 230 holds and 4 lines of belay points with difficulty of 5-8UIAA. The climbing wall is open from April to September for both large and small ones, intermediate and […]

Relax Park Jazierko

Relax park Jazierko is a relaxation zone for families with children, but there are also adrenaline attractions for the brave. It’s located in Tatranská Lomnica, close to the cable car area, next to the Evangelical Church and Hotel Slovan. It offers attractions in summer and winter. In summer, there is a cable car, riding over […]

From Štrbské Pleso to Popradské pleso

Through forest between Pleso (village) and pleso (tarn) – this could be the name of the almost 4km long trail which crosses through the mountain ridge Trigan. It’s possible to pass it in an hour and a half. Throughout the 14 stops, the tourist will learn that the region doesn’t consist only from trees but […]

Veľké Hincovo pleso

Veľké Hincovo pleso je najväčším a najhlbším plesom na území Vysokých Tatier. Maximálna hĺbka plesa je 53 metrov. Povrch plesa je zamrznutý približne 270 dní ročne. Leží v Mengusovskej doline, v nadmorskej výške 1944,8 m. n. m. K Hincovmu plesu sa dostanete po modrej značke z Popradského plesa  za 1 hod. 35 min.

Mini Funpark

Mini train, trampoline, slide, archery.

Educational Trail Pramenisko

The educational trail is a part of an almost 3,5-kilometer long loop walk that starts next to the Botanical garden in Tatranská Lomnica. Because of its uniqueness, Pramenisko was declared a national nature reserve (the area with the highest level of protection). It belongs to the list of 72 nationally significant wetlands and is a […]

Orlíkovo (Eagle land)

Mini cars, mini boats, trampoline, bungee trampoline.

Educational Trail to the Belianska Cave

This trail leading from Tatranská Kotlina to the Belianska cave has 6 stops dealing with geology and speleology. Educational trail to the Belianska cave Geology a geomorphology Forest communities and soils Flora Fauna Fauna of the cave Tatranská Kotlina – Belianska jaskyna  0:45 hod ↔   1 km

Zveropark (Animal park)

Available for the general public.

Educational Trail Kvetnica

The trail represents various forest vegetation zones of Slovakia on a small area of Mestské lesy Poprad (Forests of Poprad), the historical archaeological locality of Zámčisko and the National nature reserve of Hranovnícka dubina. Kvetnica – Zámčisko Medieval castle – fort at Zámčisko Nature and landscape protection Beech forests Oak forests Spruce forests   Forest […]

Marmot land

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

Educational Trail Fľak

Educational trail Fľak is located in Tatranská Kotlina and points to the history of local forests and forestry technical monuments. There are 10 stops with information panels in total and the route forms a closed circuit. The first part of the trail starts at the bus stop Čarda. If we arrive by car, there is […]

Adventure Golf Veľký Slávkov

The unique 18-holes minigolf golf just 3 km from Poprad and 8 km from The High Tatras located in APLEND Tatry Holiday Resort in Veľký Slavkov develops focus, patience, estimation as well as supports the healthy competitiveness. You can enjoy times of tension as well as a lot of fun. The minigolf is a perfect game […]

Educational Trail Štrbské Pleso

The educational trail is focused on the history of the settlement of Štrbské Pleso, flora, fauna and personalities that were active here, sport events, the spa history and a lot of other useful information. The route leads from the railway station in the direction of the ski resort under the bridges at the FIS hotel […]

Educational Geological Area Podmuráň

In Javorova dolina there is a unique geological exposition with three panels and a board with photographs and a detailed description of the very creation and shaping of the Tatras, up to its present form, as well as rock exhibits. We start in Tatranská Javorina at the Pošta bus stop, continue 0.30 h. along the […]

Climbing Wall Popradské pleso

Do you want to try climbing or are you looking for a workout? Children, adults and all age groups will find their path on this climbing wall. During various events it’s a popular attraction.

Educational Trail Skalnaté pleso

An entertaining and educational trail for children around the tarn Skalnaté pleso is part of the project Tatranská divočina (“Tatra Wilderness”). The Tatra animals will guide the children through five stops and teach them basic and unusual information about the High Tatras. On the boards, they will learn about Skalnaté pleso, about the Lomnický štít […]

Summer Tubing

How about enjoying adrenalin on a rubber tube? Come to Hrebienok and slide down along a 100-metre-long tubing track. This summer attraction is located next to the funicular station at Hrebienok. Treat your kids to an adventurous ride on a special summer tubing track which they can enjoy without water, on rubber tubes. There is […]

Educational Trail the History of the Smokovec Settlements

During a walk with 7 stops through the Starý and Nový Smokovec, the visitor will learn a lot of interesting information about the history of the Smokovec settlements. The trail is not marked, the info panels are located at the following stops: Starý Smokovec bus station Mineral Spring Smokovecká Kyselka – from the bus station […]

Sledging from Hrebienok

A 2.5 km-long groomed track lit until late at night.

Tatrabob Roller Coaster

Tatrabob roller coaster ride is an unforgettable experience in the High Tatras. It’s situated in Tatranská Lomnica at a meadow called Slnečná lúka below the Grandhotel Praha. It’s open all year round daily from 9:00 – 18:00. Prices are amicable to each person. They are divided on the number of entries already from 3 €. […]


Winter toboggan track and sledge rental in Hrebienok.

Educational Trail Belianske Meadows

The Belianske lúky National Nature Reserve is the largest preserved peat bog in Slovakia, with distinctive habitats, flora and fauna. We offer you the opportunity to learn more about the beauty of this unique location through an educational trail. The total length of the nature trail is 800 m. The whole route from the main […]

Wooden Church in Tatranská Javorina

The wooden church in Tatranská Javorina was built by Prince Christian Hohenlohe. It is an atypical design church set in a beautiful setting on the outskirts of the village. It is surrounded by a small cemetery with a large tomb and in the distance overlooking the Belianske Tatras. The tomb belongs to the administrator of […]

Partisan Bunker under Kriváň

About an hour’s walk from Tri Studničky on the way to Kriváň, we find a reconstructed partisan bunker marked with a memorial plaque, reminiscent of the difficult battle of German fascists with the partisan unit of the High Tatras, which took place here on January 14, 1945. One of the victims of the mentioned battles […]

Wooden Church in Dolný Smokovec

Roman Catholic wooden church – one of the most important architectural monuments of Dolný Smokovec was built at the end of the 19th century in the neoclassical Art Nouveau style. It was designed by the important Spiš architect Gedeon Majunke. The church was a great success at the time of its founding, it was written […]

Kočiarové múzeum

The Ski Museum exposition in Tatranská Lomnica, on an area of ​​almost 300 m2, focuses on the history of the origin and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945. Visitors of the museum will learn a lot of interesting information about the beginning of skiing, skating, curling, mountaineering, […]

Golf rezort Black Stork in Veľká Lomnica

The Black Stork golf resort in Veľká Lomnica on the sunny side of the High Tatras is popular not only with golfers but is also ideal for the organizing of golf tournaments, golf academies and corporate entertainment during the year. There are 27 holes of golf, practice areas, professional golf coaches and of course a […]

Go Karts Tatry in Svit

Go-carts Tatry are located on the 2nd floor of the former production hall in Svit, where you can experience the adrenaline fun of high quality. Track distance is 230 meters where track width is from 3.5 till 5.5 meters. It is possible to achieve 30 km/h average speed. Constant change of technical and fast track […]

Mountain Carts

Mountain carts are motorless three-wheelers which guarantee adrenalin fun for all family members. The first sports three-wheeler was made by Bavarian engineer Josef Jessberger. Today, it is a popular summer outdoor attraction of many top-class alpine resorts designated for all generations. Mountain carts can be ridden on any type of terrain (fields, forest roads or […]


Start at the snack bar of the Štart interchange station, finish at the lower cable car station in Tatranská Lomnica. Down leads a safe asphalt track, 3km long. Duration of the downhill is 5 – 10 minutes. Mountain carts are suitable for all age groups – individually or in tandems. Individual rides are available only […]

Astronomical Educational Trail

Currently, the educational trail contains 13 panels with the most important information not only about the instrumentation of the Astronomical Institute but also about celestial bodies. The trail starts at the main building of the institute and ends at the last dome with binoculars. From Tatranská Lomnica, a trail leads to it, either for pedestrians, […]

Educational Trail Zadné Meďodoly

The educational trail Zadné Meďodoly leads along the hiking trail on the border of the High and Belianske Tatras – partially through the valley Javorová dolina and the whole valley of Zadné Meďodoly. On the blue-marked hiking trail there are ten information boards. The tourist can learn more about fauna and flora, the history of […]

Lakes of Love at Štrbské Pleso

Lakes of love has origin name Štrbské rybníky. Founder of Štrbské pleso – Jozef Szentiványi have used them for trout fishing. Lakes in these days are very popular for walks and for young couples. You can find places to sit, relax there and you will be still near center of the village. The educational trail […]

Botanical Garden – Exposition of Tatra Nature in Tatranská Lomnica

The Botanical Garden is located on the northeastern edge of Tatranská Lomnica near the Hotel SOREA Titris. It covers an area of 3,2 hectares. The visitor can see 270 species of Tatra plants inhabiting various habitats, some can be bought in the form of seedlings or seeds. The Exhibition of Tatra Nature also has a […]

The Tatra Ice Temple

Unique Ice Temple, located at Hrebienok, was built from 70 tons of ice. Ice Temple is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Visitors can enjoy variety of musical performances and concerts every Sunday at 3:30 pm. Entry is free. How to get to the Ice Temple? by walk: from Starý Smokovoc following the green […]

Squirrel Rope Park

The squirrel rope park is situated in Štrbské Pleso. This adrenaline park consists of two types of tracks. Everyone will find the perfect and suitable one for them – big squirrels (adults) and small squirrels (kids) as well. The track for adults consists of 22 rope obstacles placed on trees in the height of approximately 5 […]

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