Veľká Studená valley

Veľká Studená valley is 7 km long and highly attractive for tourists. It divides to several rocky edges just behind the narrow closure in its upper part. Those hide the highest number of tarns (22) from the all Tatra valleys. In the south, the valley is bordered with massive fork of Slavskovský peak, the part of the main ridge of High Tatras. In the north-east it borders with ridge of Prostredný peak. Blue-marked path enters the valley above Rainer’s chalet and above the forest and pine zone it rises along Vareškové and Dlhé tarn up to Zbojnícka chalet. This is also an ending point of yellow-marked path from Malá Studená valley crossing Priečne saddle. Above the chalet and along Zbojnícke tarns, the blue-marked path sharply rises to the saddle Prielom. From it, there is a possibility to descend to Bielovodská valley by blue-marked path or over saddle Poľský ridge by green-marked path to Velická valley. Way down from the saddle Prielom and saddle Poľský ridge is fixed with chains

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