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Velická dolina

Velická dolina is a 6 km long terraced valley, situated below the eastern slopes of the massive gorge of Gerlachovský štít (2654.4 m) – the highest peak of the High Tatras with a characteristic cauldron on its southern slope. Above the first rocky terrace next to the tarn Velicke pleso stands a popular mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. The green-marked trail , which starts behind the tarn, rises across the other edge – Večný dážď to the attractive part with meadows called Kvetnica with the vanishing tarn of the same name. The trail is secured with chains and rises past Dlhé pleso up to the saddle Poľský hrebeň. There is a possibility to go to valleys Bielovodská dolina, Veľká Studená dolina (through saddle Prielom – secured with chains) or to the peak Východná Vysoká (2429.6 m) by yellow-marked trail secured with chains. This track is attractive thanks to panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and adjacent valleys.

Tips for hiking:

Tatranská Magistrála: Part Three

We continue where we left off – this time at Zamkovského chata. We’ll hike through Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso. This is technically undemanding but quite long track with several possibilities of rest and refreshment along the road. If we are crossing the entire Tatranská Magistrála, then we’ll start at Zamkovského chalet where we slept. […]

Hike to Vychodna Vysoka from Tatranska Polianka

Challenging all-day hike with exposed sections. Starting point of the hike is in Tatranská Polianka where from we proceed in the direction of a mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. It’s up to us if we continue with the asphalt road or the forest path that cuts through the long winding road. From Sliezsky dom that offers […]

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