Valley of Kežmarská Biela voda

The valley is divided into three branches – The valley of Zelené tarn, the valley of Biele tarns and Predné Meďodoly. Above the valley of Zelené tarn, there are also smaller valleys: Veľká zmrzlá, Malá zmrzlá and Červená valley. The longest of them all is valley Predné Meďodoly with the length of 2 km and its northern part belongs to Belianske Tatras. In the valley of Kežmarská Biela voda, there lies the biggest group of tarns – Biele tarns. The first famous tourist in this valley was an emperor from castle in Kežmarok – Beáta Lasli-Kościelecka, who suffered from this action – her husband had her walled up in her chamber. Today, there are situated two opened chalets in the valley – Chalet next to Zelené tarn and Chalet Plesnivec and there are plans prepared for the reconstruction of burnt down Kežmarská chalet. The main touristic starting point to the valley is the parking and the bus stop Biela voda, Tatranská Kotlina and Tatranské Matliare.

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