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Trains in High Tatras

The transportation in the High Tatras is provided by two main transport systems: Tatra electrical railways and cog railways, connecting the two main centers of the High Tatras.

Map: tez_oz_mapa_2014-07-14_01

Tatra electric railways (Tatranské elektrické železnice – TEŽ)

These railways are providing the transportation on the routes Poprad-Tatry – Starý Smokovec – Štrbské Pleso and Starý Smokovec – Tatranská Lomnica. The 15 trams operating in this area are ecological, quiet and able to transport many people.

Cog railway (Ozubnicová železnica – OZ )

This railway is connecting very well-known tourist center and starting point Štrbské Pleso with the station of Štrba. The cog electronic railways is  only one of a kind in Slovakia.

Labeling the tickets in the High Tatras

The railways are using the tariff system, with comletely self-service on the routes of the electric railways and cog railway, functioning without the train conductors. It is to a duty of a passenger to label the ticket in the train right directly after the boarding. In case of an inspection, the passenger without a valid ticket must pay a fine.

Travel with regional card TATRY CARD:

  • Free-of-charge travel on the Tatra Electric Railways and Cog Railway,
  • You obtain further discounts and benefits on the sport activities, sightseeing (museums), wellness and catering.


More information about TATRY CARD:

Timetables valid from 10th December 2017

Poprad-Tatry – Starý Smokovec – Štrbské Pleso and back_183

Starý Smokovec – Tatranská Lomnic and back_184


Poprad-Tatry – Plaveč, Studený Potok – Tatranská Lomnica 185_186

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