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Exploring the Beauty of the Tatra Tarns

Tarns are lakes of glacial origin and most of them can be found on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. Get inspired by our list and choose the destination of your next hike.

Žabie plesá

The tarns Big, Small and Upper Žabie plesá (literal translation: “Frog Tarns”) are located at an 1919m. altitude in the basin Kotlina Žabích plies in the valley Mengusovská dolina. They will cheer you up while climbing up to the chalet Chata pod Rysmi and peak Rysy. You can spot both Big and Small Žabie pleso […]

Starolesnianske pleso

Starolesnianske tarn is situated in Veľká Studená dolina on the right side of yellow trail in the direction to Priečne sedlo from Zbojnícka chata at an altitude of 1988m. with depth circa 4 meters and area of 7,2 ha.

Modré pleso

Modré pleso (“Blue Tarn”) is situated in Dolinka pod Sedielkom in the highest part of the valley Malá Studená dolina. It’s the highest ever-lasting tarn in the Tatras and lies at an altitude of 2189 m. with an area of 0,4 ha and depth of 4,5 m. We can reach it by following the parallel […]

Sesterské plesá

Three Sesterské plesá (“Three Sister Tarns”) are situated in Veľká Studená dolina near Zbojnícka chata. Nižné Sesterské pleso (“Lower Sister Tarn”) lies at an altitude of 1960 m. and is the biggest of them all. Above it and close to the yellow trail in the direction of Priečne sedlo is Stredné a Vyššie Sesterské pleso […]

Pleso nad Skokom

Beautiful tarn above the Waterfall Skok situated at an altitude of 1 801 m., area of 0,735 ha, depth 1,2 m. It’s accessible from Štrbské Pleso by yellow marked trail . You can visit first the Waterfall Skok 1:35 h and then climb up to parts secured by chains cca 10-15 minutes. You can even […]

Skalnaté pleso

Skalnaté pleso lies at an altitude of 1751 m. Originally called Lomnické pleso, it is situated in the valley Skalnatá dolina below the southern cliffs of Lomnický štít. According to measurements from 1935 it has 0,46 ha with dimensions of 119 x 58 meters, but according to measurements from 1963 it has 1,24 ha with […]

Litvorové pleso

Litvorové pleso lies at an altitude of 1860 m. in Litvorova dolina. It’s possible to get to the tarn from Lysá Poľana following the blue marked trail . From the tarn there is a trail leading to a saddle Poľský hrebeň and further to a valley Velická dolina. It’s also possible to cross a saddleback […]

Zelené pleso

The well-known green tarn Zelené pleso is located in the valley Dolina Zeleného plesa, at an altitude of 1551m. Above the tarn rises a famous peak Jastrabia veža. Next to the tarn is situated a chalet Chata pri Zelenom plese. The most frequently used route to the tarn is from the Biela voda bus stop […]

Veľké Hincovo tarn

Veľké Hincovo tarn is the biggest and the deepest tarn on slovakian side of the High Tatras . Maximum depth of the tarn is  53 meters. The surface of the tarn is frozen aproximately  270 days per year. It is situated in  Mengusovska valley, at a altitude 1944,8 meters above sea level. You can get […]

Nižné a Vyšné Wahlenbergove plesá

These two lovely tarns are situated in Furkotská dolina – Nižné Wahlenbergovo pleso (“Lower Wahlenberg´s tarn”) – 2053 m. elevation with an area 2 ha and depth 8m. Around 100 meters higher at 2157 m. elevation you can see Upper Wahlenberg´s tarn with an area of 5,17 ha and depth 21 meters. The maximum observed […]

Batizovské pleso

Batizovské pleso lies at an altitude of 2448m, has an area of 3,48 ha and a depth of 10,5m. It is located in the valley Batizovská dolina below the massifs of Gerlach and Končistá. There are several ways to reach the tarn. The starting point can be from Tatranská Polianka to the Mountain Hotel Sliezsky […]

Morskie oko a Czarny staw

Morskie oko is the largest tarn in the High Tatras, situated on the Polish side of the Tatras at an altitude of 1395 m. with an area of 35 ha and its maximum depth is 50.8 m. If you want to see it from above, you can take a 25-minute climb to a tarn Czarny […]

Nižné a Vyšné Temnosmrečinské plesá

They are located in a little-visited valley Temnosmrečinská dolina, which is one of the main branches of the valley Kôprova dolina and at the same time its highest part. It has four terraces, of which the lower one connects in the forest zone with apart called Temné smrečiny. On the other two terraces there are […]

Capie a Okrúhle pleso

Capie and Okrúhle plesá are located on the last terrace of the valley Mlynická dolina. Capie pleso has an elevation of 2075 m. and Okrúhle pleso 2105 m. Along the way you can also see tarns Pleso nad Skokom, Kozie and Volie plieska. You can reach them by more demanding ascent from Štrbské Pleso along […]

Zelené Krivánske tarn a Malé tarn

The tarn Zelené Krivánske pleso is situated in Važecká dolina at an altitude of 2012 m. It´s area is 5,161 ha, maximal depth is 23,1 m. There is no hiking trail leading straight to the tarn, so you can admire it only from marked trail from Malý Kriváň. You can get there from Tri Studničky […]

Jamské pleso

The picturesque easily accessible tarn Jamské pleso is located at an altitude of 1448 m. in the valley Važecká dolina. Its area is 0,67 hectares and a maximum depth of 4,2 meters. In 1936, the co-founder of the mountaineering association and the entrepreneur in tourism Gustáv Nedobrý (1893-1966) opened a private chalet at Jamské pleso. […]

Veľké Biele pleso

The tarn Veľké Biele pleso is situated in 1 612 m. elevation. It´s area is  0,9670 ha and the depth 0,8 m. There are many possibilities how to get here. For example from Zelené pleso by red trail cca 0,35 min. – on this trail you can also see Trojrohé pliesko – from Kopské sedlo […]

Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso is one of the most famous Tatra tarns that is accessible to the general public. It’s situated at an altitude of 1346 m. and is the second largest tarn on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. It has a surface area of 19,8 ha and the maximum depth is 20 metres (66 […]

Sivé plesá

Three Sivé plesá (“Three Grey tarns”) – Nižné, Prostredné and Vyšné (Lower, Middle and Upper) are situated in Ostrý kotol in Veľká Studená dolina under the peak Javorový štít in the altitude of 2 012, 2013 a 2014 m. The biggest is Prostredné Sivé Pleso (“Middle Grey tarn”) with 5 meters depth. You can get […]

Popradské pleso

Popradské pleso is located in the valley Mengusovska dolina at an altitude of 1500 m. Next to the lake there is a mountain hotel Horský hotel Popradské pleso and a chalet Majlathova chata. A short 30 min. hike from the lake will take you to a well-known cemetery dedicated to those people who died in […]

Vareškové a Dlhé pleso

You can see Vareškové and Dlhé pleso (“Vareškove and Long Tarn”) near a blue hiking trail to Zbojnícka chata in Veľká Studená dolina. At your left side you will first see Smaller Vareškové pleso at an altitude 1836 m. with a depth of cca 0,6 m and above it you can see Dlhé pleso at […]

Velické pleso

The tarn is situated in Velická dolina at an altitude of 1665,5 m. Near the tarn is a Mountain hotel Sliezsky dom. The best ways to get to Velické pleso are from Tatranská Polianka (asphalt road or hiking trail 2:00 h.), from Starý Smokovec (yellow trail 2:20 h.) and from Hrebienok (red trail 1h. 55 […]

Trojrohé pleso

Trojrohé tarn is the second biggest tarn from the group of White tarns. It is situated between  Veľké Biele pleso and   Chata pri Zelenom plese. The tarn was named after its triangular shape. it has area of 0,170 ha. It is  85 m long, 70 m wide a 1,2 m deep. It lies at an […]

Päť Spišských plies

Päť Spišských Plies (“Five Spiš Tarns”) are situated in Malá Studená dolina near Téryho chata. Behind the chalet to the left is Nižné Spišské pleso (“Lower Spiš Tarn”) at 2000m. elevation, to the right from the trail Malé Spišské pleso (“Smal Spiš Tarn”) 1999m., Prostredné Spišské pleso (“Middle Spiš Tarn”) 2010 m., Veľké Spišské pleso […]