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Accessible Peaks in the High Tatras

List of all peaks in the High Tatras accessible for hikers, where you won’t need the services of mountain guides.


According to a legend, Kriváň is bent because once an angel flew over it, accidentally stumbled upon it and bent it which only enhanced its beauty. There is Cyril-Methodius cross at the top. His motif has already inspired many poets, painters and photographers, he also belongs to the jewel of the Liptov folklore. Since 2009, […]

Lomnický štít

The second highest peak of the High Tatras, which is accessible by cable car from Tatranská Lomnica or from the cable car station Skalnaté Pleso. According to the quitcalm deed from 1209, Lomnický štít was a part of extensive lands, which the Hungarian king Ondrej II. donated to the first known ancestors of the great […]

Predné Solisko

The name of the ridge is derived from the salt marshes that the shepherds from Štrba and Važec established for their herds. In the 20th century, a ski lift was built here, and later the Chalet Pod Soliskom, which is still in operation today. The chalet is accessible by chairlift, but for those who prefer […]


Rysy (2499 m) is the border peak between Slovakia and Poland in the main ridge of High Tatras. It has 3 peaks – prospective north-western (border) one, middle (main) one and south-eastern, the shortest one. There are three ridges running from the peak – to the north towards Malé Rysy, to the south through saddle […]

Východná Vysoká

The peak is situated between the saddles Poľský hrebeň and Prielom. The name of the peak describes its location to the other peaks and provides beautiful views from the top.  The most frequent starting point of the track is from southern foothills – Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Polianka. The starting point from the north is […]


One of the best lookout peaks, which rises in the western part of the High Tatras. According to people from Zakopane, Svinica, when viewed from Gubalówka, has the shape of a pig’s head. Svinica is the last peak in the High Tatras and it is situated at the border of Slovakia and Poland. As it […]

Slavkovský štít

Slavkovský štít is popular among the tourists and it’s situated at the end of the south-eastern crotch which joins the Východná Vysoká peak. The northern slope of the Slavkovský štít is characteristic with a large number of very steep ravines falling down to the Veľká Studená dolina. The southern slope is full of scree material. […]

Jahňací štít

Jahňací štít (2229 m) is the easternmost peak of the High Tatras. There are four ridges going from the peak: southwestern – towards Kolové sedlo, where the marked hiking trail leads, northwestern – separates Jahňací kotol from Kolová dolina, northeastern – belongs to Kopské sedlo and southeastern – separates Červená dolina from Dolina Bielych plies. […]

Kôprovský štít

The name of the peak comes from the valley Kôprová dolina, which was named by a little plant ligusticum mutellina. There is a comfortable trail that leads from the saddleback Vyšné Kôprovské sedlo all the way to the peak. The usual starting points are either Štrbské pleso or Popradské pleso. From the saddle we can […]