Trips with a pram

Going for a trip with a pram

Within the project Tatras without any barriers (Tatry bez bariér), there have been built several marked tracks with a tarmac or hard gravelled surface suitable for families with prams or people with a lowered ability to move. These tracks cross attractive mountainous areas passing along several natural and cultural attractions.

Popradské pleso, Popradské lake

The touristic path marked blue with a tarmac surface is suitable for tourists with child prams as well as for the people with handicap using wheelchairs. Approximately in the half of the track, there is a hut where it is possible to sit and relax or to hide from rain. Nearby Popradské lake, there is situated Symbolic cemetery as a memory for the victims of High Tatras. Unfortunately, the path from the lake to the cemetery is not adjusted for prams.

Beginning of the track: stop of Tatra Electric Railway Popradské pleso

End of the track: Popradské pleso

Mark: blue

Length of the track: 4.5 km

Access to the track: by Tatra Electric Railway, by car – parking next to the train stop

Facilities of refreshment: Mountainous hotel Popradské pleso, Majláthova chalet

Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok – Rainerova chalet

One of the favourite tracks is also the one from Starý Smokovec, through Hrebienok up to Rainerova chalet. You can reach Hrebienok with a pram either walking up the tarmac path, which goes from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok, or by funicular which is pram and wheelchair accessible. While waiting for the funicular, children can spend their time on trampoline or climbing frames which are situated next to the bottom station of the funicular. During the walking to Hrebienok, there is possibility to enjoy the views of Slavkovký and Lomnický peak. The path marked red with gravelled surface continues up to Rainerova chalet. You can leave the pram in the chalet and continue walking to the waterfalls of Studený stream which are situated just several minutes from the chalet.

Beginning of the track: bottom station of funicular in Starý Smokovec

End of the track: Rainerova chalet

Mark: red

Length of the track: 4.2 km

Access to the track: by Tatra Electric Railway, by bus to Starý Smokovec, by car – parking in Starý Smokovec

Facilities of refreshment: Buffet in the upper station of the funicular, canteen in Sorea hotel Hrebienok, Bilíkova chalet, Rainerova chalet

Exposition of Tatra nature in Tatranská Lomnica

Area of the botanic garden is situated just 5 minutes walking from the Museum of TANAP and 10 minutes from the bus station. The exposition of Tatra nature presents to the visitors around 290 herbs and trees starting with flora of submontane meadows and ending with vegetation of the alpine level. Palisade path over the peat bog and access path to Green lake which is situated in the back part of the garden are part of the garden, too. Educative nature trail Pramenisko starts from the garden (although it is not suitable for prams).

Lysá Poľana – Bielovodská valley

This track offers an amazing walk crossing one of the biggest valleys in Tatras along the stream Biela voda and across forest slopes and meadows. Blue marked path with hard gravelled surface starts from the border crossing Lysá Poľana and ends in the gamekeeper’s lodge Biela voda. It is possible to continue walking further but just on unpaved road.

Beginning of the track: Lysá Poľana

End of the track: Gamekeeper’s lodge in Bielovodská valley

Mark: blue

Length of the track: 4 km

Access to the track: by bus or by car, station and parking just 200 m from the beginning of the path

Tatranská Javorina – Podmuráň

Gravelled touristic path crosses maple valley along the stream Javorinka. On this track you can see a unique geological exposition which you can find on the blue marked touristic path before entering the valley. Moreover, you can visit beautiful wooden church of Saint Anna or Hunting castle of Lord Ch. K. von Hohenlode in Tatranská Javorina.

Beginning of the track: Tatranská Javorina

End of the track: Gamekeeper’s lodge in Podmuráň

Mark: green and blue

Length of the track: 1.9 km

Access to the track: by bus, by car – parking next to the Post office 500 m from the beginning of the touristic path

Roháčska valley

Very beautiful views of the main ridge of Roháče, Ostrý Roháč and Volovec are offered to the visitors during the walks across this valley with varied fauna and flora. Red marked tarmac path starts from Zverovka and ends next to former Ťatliakova chalet. The path is lined with 8 educative tables beginning from the parking in Zverovka up to the third Roháčske lake.

Beginning of the track: Zverovka

End of the track: former Ťatliakova chalet

Mark: red

Length of the track: 3.1 km

Access to the track: by car – parking under the ski slope Spálená

Facilities of refreshment: buffet in the former Ťatliakova chalet

Bobrovecká valley

A tarmac forest path marked blue crosses meadows of Bobrovecká valley which is situated in the northern part of West Tatras. Entering the valley is possible from the crossroads in Oravice. During the trip, you can see preserved remains of the limestone furnaces in which people burnt lime in the past. You can also visit thermal spa and Sarková voda nearby, which are known for healing effects.

Beginning of the track: Oravice

End of the track: under Grúnik

Mark: blue

Length of the track: 3.2 km

Access to the track: by car – parking 200 m from the beginning of the path

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