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Yaro M. Kupčo – Vysoké Tatry

Tatra Waterfalls

Besides beautiful views, the Tatras can also offer fascinating waterfalls. Enjoy the view of the most visited ones.

Waterfall Skok

Waterfall Skok lies in Mlynická valley. The waterfall falls from the rocky edge in the height of 1789 metres above sea level. It is created by the stream Mlynica which is the tributary of river Poprad. There goes a yellow-marked touristic path from Štrbské Pleso to the waterfall.

    Kmeť’s waterfall

    Kmeť’s waterfall is the highest waterfall not only in High Tatras but in whole Slovakia. It is approximately 80 metres high and lies in Kôprová valley. The waterfall is created by Nefcerský stream. The bottom part of the waterfall is accessible from the Kôprová valley by the marked turn.

      Večný dážď

      Večný dážď is a specific veil created by flowing water over a rocky edge in Velická valley. It is created by a rocky edge several metres high with rocky overhangs in the location of Kvetnica over which the water flows continuously. Hence the water veil is created resembling constant drizzling. Večný dážď is accessible by green-marked […]

        Waterfalls and cascades of Studený stream

        Obrovský waterfall is one of the waterfalls which are created by Studený stream and is situated in Malá Studená valley in 1330 metres above sea level. It is approximately 20 metres high. The waterfall is accessible by red-marked path from Hrebienok. Other waterfalls and cascades of Studený potok is possible to admire on the track […]

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