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High Tatras tarn

Tarn are lakes of glacial origin and it is on the Slovak side of the Tatras that we find most.

Veľké Hincovo pleso

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

    Okrúhle and Capie tarn

    Capie and Okrúhle tarn are situated in Mlynická dolina. Capie tarn is  2075 m  a.s.l high and Okrúhle tarn 2105 m a.s.l. You can get there by yellow trail from Štrbské Pleso in about 3 hours.

      Wahlenbergové plesá

      Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

        Zelené Krivánske tarn

        Zelené Krivánske tarn is situated in  Važecká walley 2012,5 m a.s.l., it´s area is  5,161 ha, maximal depth is 23,1 m. There is no hiking trail leading straight to the tarn, so you can admire it only from marked trail from  Malý  Kriváň. You can get there from Tri Studničky (green sign, 3,50 h), or […]

          Štrbské pleso

          Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

            Grey tarns

            Three Grey tarns are situated in  Ostrý kotol in Big Cold walley  2 012, 2013 a 2014 m a.s.l. The biggest is Middle Grey tarn with depth 5 meters. You can get there from Zbojnícka hut direction to Priečne seddle (yellow sign ,cca 1,20 h),or from  Téryho hut via Priečne seddle ( yellow sign, cca […]

              Popradské pleso

              Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

                Vareškové and Dlhé tarns

                You can see Vareškové tarn and Dlhé tarn near hiking trail to Zbojnícka hut in Big Cold walley. Smaller  Vareškové tarn  1836 m a.s.l with depth cca 0,6 m and above you can see Dlhé tarn 1894 m n.m. with area  cca 1 ha and depth 7,2 m. You can get there from Hrebienok by […]

                  Velické pleso

                  Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

                    Five Spiš tarns

                    Five Spiš tarns are situted in Small Cold walley near Téryho hut. You can see Lower Spiš tarn on the left side of the hut 2000 m a.s.l,  on the right side of the trail is Small Spiš tarn 1999 m a.s.l, Middle Spiš tarn 2010 m a.s.l , Big Spiš tarn 2011 m a.s.l. […]

                      Sesterské tarns

                      Three tarns near Zbojnícka hut, you can get to them by yellow marked trail direction to Priečne seddle.

                        Wahlenberg ´s tarns

                        These two lovely tarns are situated in Furkotská walley – Lower Wahlenberger´s tarn – 2053 m a.s.l with area 2 ha and depth 8m. Cca 100 meters higher – 2157 m a s.l.  you can see Upper Wahlenberger´s tarn with area  5,17 ha and  depth 21 meters. The easiest way how to get here is […]

                          Skalnaté pleso

                          Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

                            Morskie oko and Czarne tarn

                            Morskie oko is the biggest tarn ih High Tatras.  It is situated on polish side of High Tatras 1 395,4  m a s.l. with area 35 ha, depth is 50,8 m. You can get there from bus stop  Lysá Poľana  in about 2,20 h . If you like to seee other beautifull tarn you can […]

                              Zelené pleso

                              Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

                                Litvorové pleso

                                Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

                                  Blue tarn

                                  Blue tarn is the highest situted tarn in High Tatras in 2189 m a s.l. We can get here from Teryho hut in about 1 hour by green marked trail.

                                    Starolesnianske tarn

                                    Starolesnianske tarn is situated on the right side of yellow signed trail direction from Zbojnicka hut to Priečne seddle.

                                      Tarn above Skok

                                      Very nice tarn  is accessible from Štrbské Pleso by yellow signed trail, you will get to Waterfall Skok in 1,35 h and then continue by steep terrain secured by chains cca 10-15 minutes.

                                        Jamské tarn

                                        Very nice tarn only 1 hour walking from Štrbské pleso.

                                          Veľké Biele tarn and Trojrohé tarn

                                          Veľké Biele is situated in 1 612 m a.s.l. It´s area is  0,9670 ha and  depth 0,8 m. There are many possibilities how to get here. For example from  Green tarn (red sign, cca 0,5h), you can see on the way from Green tarn to Biele tarn Trojrohé tarn. From Kopské seddle (blue sign cca […]

                                            Temnosmrečinské tarns

                                            Temnosmrečinské tarns  are situated in Temnosmrečinská walley.  Hiking trail leads only to Lower  Temnosmrečinské tarn  1677 ma.s.l. with area 12 ha and depth 38 meters. Acces to the tarn is from  Podbanské or from  Tri studničky. You can admire them from the top of Kôprovský peak as well.  

                                              Batizovské lake

                                              Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak.

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