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Tatra walleys

Tichá valley

This valley is the first one in High Tatras from the west. Above its closure, there lies Ľaliové saddle, where High Tatras meet West Tatras. The length of this valley is 13.8 km and the area is 52.3 square km. Thanks to these measures, this valley is the biggest and the longest valley in High […]

    Kôprová valley

    In Kôprová valley, there is a really nice blending of rocky beauties of High Tatras and meadow beauties of West Tatras. The length of the valley is 11 km and its area is 31.3 square km. Touristic paths lead to the famous Kmeť’s waterfall, Vajanský’s waterfall and to Temnosmrečinecké tarns. There are situated several benches […]

      Furkotská valley

      The valley is bordered by ridges of Krivánska fork. Its length is 5.5 km and is formed from 5 terraces which were, together with the tarns, created by an activity of glaciers. There are situated several tarns – Wahlenberg’s tarn which is covered with ice for 300 days in a year, Sedielkové tarns, Vyšné and […]

        Mlynická valley

        The valley is rich in natural beauties. One of them is also the famous waterfall Skok or less famous tarns as Okrúhkle, Capie, Kozie and the Tarn above Skok. In the mouth of the valley, there lies the most visited Štrbské tarn. Under the lake terrace of Capie tarn, there is situated a memorial plaque […]

          Mengusovská valley

          Mengusovská valley is 8 km long, branched and the mostly visited by tourists. Its streams create river Poprad. Shorter tracks head from Štrbské Pleso (red-marked track) or from train stop Popradské Pleso (blue-marked track) to the centre of the valley to Popradské tarn and to Symbolic cemetery (memory of the dead of Tatras). The valley […]

            Batizovská valley

            Batizovská valley is orientated to the south, terraced and lies in the central part of High Tatras. Its length is approximately 5 km and is remarkably influenced by an activity of glaciers. The most beautiful place of the valley is Batizovské tarn. Except of it, there is also Malé Batizovské tarn, Tarn above kostolík and […]

              Velická valley

              Velická valley is 6 km long, terraced and lies under the natural slopes of massive fork of Gerlachovský peak (2654.4 m – the highest Tatra peak with the characteristic kettle on its southern slope. Above the first rocky terrace next to Velické tarn, there stands the mountainous hotel Sliezsky dom, which is greatly visited by […]

                Veľká Studená valley

                Veľká Studená valley is 7 km long and highly attractive for tourists. It divides to several rocky edges just behind the narrow closure in its upper part. Those hide the highest number of tarns (22) from the all Tatra valleys. In the south, the valley is bordered with massive fork of Slavskovský peak, the part […]

                  Malá Studená valley

                  Malá Studená valley is 4.5 km long, terraced and often visited by tourists with old mining tradition (mining of gold and copper up to the half of 19th century). Obrovský waterfall, which is possible to admire straight from the Tatra arterial main path – red-marked path, falls over the bottom forested slope. Green-marked path enters the […]

                    Skalnatá valley

                    This valley is thanks to the touristic paths and connections of transport with Tatranská Lomnica (cable car to Skalnaté tarn and cable car to Lomnický peak) highly visited all year-round. It is created by a rocky kettle with an interesting closure and bordered with Lomnický, Kežmarský and Huncovský peak. The first touristic facilities were built […]

                      Valley of Kežmarská Biela voda

                      The valley is divided into three branches – The valley of Zelené tarn, the valley of Biele tarns and Predné Meďodoly. Above the valley of Zelené tarn, there are also smaller valleys: Veľká zmrzlá, Malá zmrzlá and Červená valley. The longest of them all is valley Predné Meďodoly with the length of 2 km and […]

                        Javorová valley

                        This valley is bordered from the right side with Belianske Tatras. The highest part of the valley which heads to the east is called Zadná Javorová valley. In the valley, there are also situated several tarns: Žabie Javorové tarn, which is possible to see from the touristic path as well, Malé Javorové tarn, Kolové tarn, […]

                          Bielovodská valley

                          Lately, the glacier 13 km long and 280 m wide has formed Bielovodská valley. The valley is 10 km long and belongs among the picturesque valleys of High Tatras. The bottom part of the valley is covered with forests; the upper parts are covered with steep rocky slopes of the side valleys with marvellous tarns. […]

                            Monk’s valley

                            The valley lies in the northern part of Belianske Tatras and is 5 km long. It was created by the activity of glaciers and in its closure it is bordered with massif of Hlúpy and Ždiarská fork. Through the valley, there goes a one way educational path which is opened only during the summer. The […]

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