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Yaro M. Kupčo – Vysoké Tatry

Natural jewels

Tatra Waterfalls

Besides beautiful views, the Tatras can also offer fascinating waterfalls. Enjoy the view of the most visited ones.

High Tatras tarn

High Tatras accessible peaks

List of all accessible peaks in the High Tatras, where you do not need the services of mountain guides.

Tatra chalets


Tatra walleys

Važecká cave

This cave could be easily called an underground treasure of the upper part of region Liptov. Važecká cave is one of the most famous caves in the northern Slovakia. Although it belongs among the shorter accessible...

Belianska cave

The Belianska Cave belongs among the most visited show caves in Slovakia. Except for bizarre rocky shapes, it is known by rich occurrence of calcite fills. Though the interest in natural attractions of the cave have...

Lomnický štít and Lomnické sedlo

Lomnický štít (2634 m) Visit the second highest peak of High Tatras. Get above the clouds by cable car and enjoy unforgettable views of surrounding peaks of the smallest grand mountains in the world. On the...

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