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Symbolic Cemetery at Popradské Pleso

The Symbolic Cemetery (1525 m) is an important Tatra memorial site near the tarn Popradské pleso under the western walls of Ostrva. The memorial cemetery is intended primarily to commemorate those who died in the High Tatras or the exceptional people from the Tatras, who lost their lives in the world’s mountains. You’ll find here […]

Digital Gallery Poliankovo in Tatranská Polianka

Poliankovo ​​is a digital gallery and a café. In an area of ​​about 500 m², they create a nice visual experience and, with the help of modern technologies, bring art closer to all people who visit them. An exhibition entitled “Dialogue with the Planet”, created in collaboration with Slovak documentary filmmaker Pavol Barabáš, is currently […]

Pedal Planet in Nová Polianka

Pedal Planet is one of the largest private collections of pedal cars in Europe. More than 110 exhibits out of a total of 300 pieces are divided into six main groups in the Tatras Gallery. You are offered more than 50 unique cars, which are divided according to the country of origin: Italy, Germany, Russia, […]

Galéria Dobrá Hračka in Tatranská Lomnica

Gallery Dobrá Hračka is an interactive children’s gallery that on an area of ​​550 m2 offers to parents and their children 12 stations with professions: oktor, firefighter, policeman, fashion designer, cook, astronaut, archaeologist, etc. There is also a children’s traffic playground and many other attractions. The gallery also includes a shop with non-traditional toys and […]

Tricklandia Gallery in Starý Smokovec

Tricklandia is a place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions. In its premises you will find themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales, as well as the realities of municipalities and castles in Slovakia (eg Vlkolinec, Dunajec, Bojnice Castle and others). It covers an […]

Vila Flóra in Starý Smokovec

According to some historians, Vila Flóra is the oldest building in Starý Smokovec and thus in the entire High Tatras. Today we can find here the exhibition hall of the Tatra Gallery in Poprad and the Tatra Jewelery Gallery. There are regular art exhibitions: photography, painting with a change of theme. There is a hall […]

Museum of the National Park in Tatranská Lomnica

The Museum of the National park continues the traditions dating back to 1883 when the Hungarian Carpathian Association founded the Carpathian Museum in Poprad. In 1949, the Tatra National Park Act was established. One of the tasks of the park administration was to create a research station and a museum. From its establishment in 1957 […]

Ski Museum Tatranská Lomnica

The Ski Museum exposition in Tatranská Lomnica, on an area of ​​almost 300 m2, focuses on the history of the origin and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945. Visitors of the museum will learn a lot of interesting information about the beginning of skiing, skating, curling, mountaineering, […]

The Gallery Lomnica in Tatranská Lomnica

The gallery is located directly in the oldest hotel in the High Tatras – Hotel Lomnica, an Art Nouveau building designed by the architect Gedeon Majunke. In the premises we can find gallery works of great painters from the period of Austria-Hungary (turn of the 19th and 20th centuries), the first Czechoslovak Republic, but also […]

The Centre for Folk Art Production in Tatranská Lomnica

The Centre for Folk Art Production (abbreviation ÚĽUV) serves as a nationwide documentation and information center. In its activities, it integrates activities leading to the preservation and development of traditional crafts and folk art production in the current conditions. In this sense, it cooperates with all interested parties, supporters, promoters and producers who are developing […]

Sherpa Museum in Starý Smokovec

The idea of the sherpa museum is to record the trace of the largest possible number of still active, but also retired legendary carriers in the Tatra valleys, to describe their activities, perhaps their fate. Many of them are no longer with us and are dragging their loads along the heavenly paths. The private museum […]

Museum of Tatra Cinematography and Photography in Starý Smokovec

The museum’s year-round exposition captures the life, atmosphere and transformations of the Tatras captured by a camera lens, as well as the work of people who have been active in film and photography since 1870. In addition to the transformations of the Tatras, the exhibition also offers a look at the development of photography technology […]

Botanical Garden – Exposition of Tatra Nature in Tatranská Lomnica

The Botanical Garden is located on the northeastern edge of Tatranská Lomnica near the Hotel SOREA Titris. It covers an area of 3,2 hectares. The visitor can see 270 species of Tatra plants inhabiting various habitats, some can be bought in the form of seedlings or seeds. The Exhibition of Tatra Nature also has a […]

Museums and Galleries nearby

Conservation Reserve of Folk Architecture in Osturňa

The village is located at an altitude of 600 to 900 m. in the NW part of the Spišská Magura mountain range. In the southern part of the cadastre, the Magura ridges reach about 1200 m above sea level. The village is situated on the border with Poland, in the vicinity of Tatranská Javorina, Ždiar, […]

Tatra Gallery in Poprad

The Tatra Gallery was established in 1960 and its first seat was Starý Smokovec, where we can still find the exhibition hall – Vila Flóra. After several places of operation, it finally settled in Poprad. Currently, it presents its activities in the former steam power plant on Hviezdoslavova street, but also in other cultural institutions […]

Podtatranske Museum in Poprad

The beginnings of the current Podtatranské Museum in Poprad date back to the second half of the 19th century. In 1873, the Hungarian Carpathian Association was founded in Starý Smokovec, the first tourist association in Hungary. In addition to tourism, the association, through its members, also engaged in scientific and educational work. The natural outcome […]

Hunting Lodge Hohenlohe in Tatranská Javorina

The wooden chateau was built in 1883-85 by the then owner of the Javorina estate, the Prussian count Christian Craft Hohenlohe-Öhringen. It was designed by architect Jean Leindecker on the site from which the Belianske and High Tatras can be seen. The count’s main hobby was hunting. Aristocracy from all over Europe took part in […]

Kežmarok Castle

The first written mention of Kežmarok Castle comes from 1447, from the time when the crew of John Jiskra of Brandýs was here. In 1462, Imrich Zápoľský became the new owner of the castle, and in 1465 he began to build a new late Gothic castle. He completed the construction work after 1486 and at […]

Folk Museum – Ždiarsky dom

The village of Ždiar was founded at the beginning of the 17th century on the Vlach law. It belonged to the Lendak estate, later to the Horváth-Palocsay family. In 1787 it had 120 houses and 794 inhabitants, in 1828 155 houses and 1118 inhabitants. They were farmers, shepherds, coal miners and since the 19th century […]

Museum of Folk Culture in Lendak

The Museum of Folk Culture in Lendak was established in 2003. Lendak is a village in which folk traditions persist to the present day, costumes are still worn, the inhabitants know and also speak the original Goral dialect. In the museum, visitors will get to know the way of life of local ancestors. Two exhibitions, […]

Museum of the Interior Styles in Kežmarok

In the burgher’s house on the main square Hlavné námestie 55, there is an exposition of the burgher housing culture in Spiš. This unique exposition in Slovakia presents arts and crafts exhibits from the 17th century, but its basis is a part of the burgher residential interior of the 19th century. Collectible objects documenting the […]

Museum Červený Kláštor

The history of the Carthusian Červený kláštor (Red Monastery) is closely connected with the village of Lechnica, which was the property of the aristocratic Berzeviczy family. In 1319, Master Kokoš Berzeviczy donated Lechnica to the Spiš Carthusians from Skala útočišťe (today’s Kláštorisko in the Slovak Paradise), so that there, at the confluence of two rivers […]

Museum of Jozef Maximilián Petzval in Spišská Belá

The museum was opened in the birthplace of J.M. Petzval in Spišská Belá in 1964. The first exhibition was made according to the script of prof. Rudolf Skopec from Prague, an expert in the history of photography. He based it on his publication “Dějiny fotografie v obrazech od nejstarších dob k dnešku” (History of Photography […]

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