Hunting lodge Hohenlohe in Tatranská Javorina


Hunting lodge Hohenlohe is a national cultural sight which served mainly for the representational purposes of the highest constitutional officials. The president of SR, Andrej Kiska, decided to open in for public on the 10th of December 2015.

Address of the lodge: Tatranská Javorina 28, GPS 49.274318, 20.141086

Opening hours: all year-round every Thursday, entrances at 11, 12, 1, 2 PM except the state and saint days and holidays and 31st December

Entrance fee: free

Maximum number of visitors per one entrance is 20.

As for the limited number of visitors it is recommended by the Office of the president of SR to reserve the tour in advance – tel. number 00421905243618 or email –

Visitors with reservation will be preferred to those without one.

More information:

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Tatranská galéria Elektráreň

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