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Yaro M. Kupčo – Vysoké Tatry

Educational trails

Get to know the High Tatras through educational boards and diversify your children with interesting stops.

Educational trail Skalnaté pleso – Hrebienok

The trail Skalnaté pleso – Hrebienok or vice versa has 12 stops and talks about the history of the Tatras and nature conservation. 📍 Skalnaté pleso – Hrebienok 🕑 2:30 hour ↔   5 km

    Educational path TATRA´S SONGBIRDS

    Park of Hotel SLOVAN Tatranska Lomnica with an Educational path TATRA´S SONGBIRDS can be found in the central part of the Tatranska Lomnica, about 300 meters from the valley station of the chairlift at Rocky Mountain Lake. Park is freely accessible to all visitors. Trail consists of the 15 information panels, made of wood, which […]

    From Štrbské Pleso to Popradské pleso

    Through forests and between Pleso (village) and pleso (tarn) – this could be the name of the touristic path almost 4km long which goes over mountain ridge Trigan. It is possible to pass it in an hour and half. A tourist is able to get to know the region thanks to the details about forest, […]

      Educational trail to the Belianska cave

      This trail leading from Tatranská Kotlina to the Belianska cave has 6 stops dealing with geology and spelaeology. Tatranská Kotlina – Belianska jaskyna  0:45 hod ↔   1 km

        Educational trail of Pramenisko

        While walking around it, tourists can learn why the area is wet, how water influences forests, which animals live and which plants grow there.  Tatranská Lomnica, Botanická záhrada  0:35 hour ↔   0,8 km

          Educational trail to Kvetnica

          The trail presents various forest vegetation zones of Slovakia on a small area of Mestské lesy Poprad (Forests of Poprad), the historical archaeological locality of Zámčisko and the National nature reserve of Hranovnícka dubina.   Forest park in Kvetnici  3:45 hour ↔   13,6 km

            Education trail Fľak

            It introduces the history of local forests and technological monuments related to forestry,you can find here interesting inforamtions about animals, nature protection etc. There are  10 infopanels and the trail is a closed circuit Terrain is available for stroller and it is open whole year. Beggining is at the bus stop Tatranská Kotlina Čarda. Cesta […]

              Educational trail Štrbské Pleso

              The educational trail is focused on the history of the settlement of Štrbské Pleso, flora, fauna and personalities that were active here, sports events, the spa history and a lot of other useful information.  Štrbské Pleso  2:45 hod ↔   5 km

                Educational trail Podmuráň

                It informs tourists about rocks that the peaks in the Tatras are formed of. Tatranská Javorina  4:00 hour ↔   9 km

                  Educational trail Skalnaté pleso

                   Skalnaté pleso  0:20 hour ↔   0,8 km

                    Astronomical educational path

                    Astronomical path is for tourists who likes the secrets of space, but also the equipment used for sky observing. Path has 13 panels with educative text. It begins at the main building and ends at building with telescope.  Astronomický ústav, Stará Lesná – Tatranská Lomnica  0:30 hour ↔   1 km

                      Zadné Meďodoly

                      The educational path Zadné Meďodoly follows the touristic track through the picturesque area on the borders of High and Belianske Tatras – partly through Javorová valley and whole valley Zadné Meďodoly. There are 10 informational tables on this blue-marked touristic track. Due to them, a tourist can know more about the fauna and flora as […]

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