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Winter hiking

The seasonal closure of selected hiking trails in the High Tatras lasts from November 1st to June 15th. At this time, nature and animals enjoy winter rest. / At this time, nature and animals are taking a winter rest. Closed are particularly trails with high altitude, saddlebacks and peaks. However, all the hiking trails leading to chalets are open all year round, except for Chalet under Mt. Rysy (Chata pod Rysmi).

Don’t forget to:

  • check the weather, current snow conditions and warnings (Tatra Information Centre, Mountain Rescue Service)
  • pack winter equipment according to the current conditions and know how to use it – poles, crampons, ice axe, perhaps even avalanche gear
  • get a mountain insurance, enter your name in a book of hikes in your accommodation and inform your loved ones about where you’re headed.

An open hiking trail doesn’t mean that it is maintained and safe. Always consider the current conditions and your own skills and be prepared to come back at any time.

Have a look at trail openall year round on the map


From Štrbské Pleso to Jamské pleso (tarn)

Vertical drop: 306 m, Total time: 4 hours
Štrbské Pleso – Jamské pleso ( red, 1 h. 15 min.), Jamské pleso – Tri studničky ( red, 1 h.), Tri studničky – Štrbské Pleso ( green, 1 h. 45 min.)

From Hrebienok to Vodopády Studeného potoka (waterfalls)

Vertical drop: 120 m, Total time: 1 hour 5 min.
Hrebienok — vodopády Studeného potoka – waterfalls (green, 20 min.), waterfalls — Rainer´s chalet (blue, 15 min.), Rainer´s chalet – Hrebienok ( red, 20 min.)

From Popradské pleso (from tram stop) to the Chalet at Popradské pleso

– easy trail by the road takes approximately 1 hour.


Through Mlynická dolina (valley) to the waterfall Skok

Vertical drop: 430 m, Total time: 3 hours 15 min.
Štrbské Pleso – waterfall Skok ( yelow, 1 h. 45 min.), back waterfall Skok – Štrbské Pleso (yellow, 1 h. 30 min.)

To mountain hotel Sliezsky dom

Vertical drop: 660 m, Total time: 4 hours 15 min.
Starý Smokovec – Velická poľana ( yellow, 2 h.), Velická poľana – Sliezsky dom ( green, 15 min.), Sliezsky dom – Tatranská Polianka (green, 2 h.)

From Starý Smokovec to Zamkovského chalet

Vertical drop: 465 m, Total time: 2 hours 30 min.
Starý Smokovec — Hrebienok — vodopády Studeného potoka -waterfall  (green, 1 h.), waterfall — Rainer´s chalet ( blue, 15 min.), Rainer´s chalet — Obrovský vodopád (Great waterfall) — Zamkovského chalet (red, 30 min.), Zamkovského chalet – Hrebienok ( red, 45 min.).
It is possible to shorten the hike by using a funicular to Hrebienok.

To Zelené pleso (Green tarn) and to Biele plesá (White tarns)

Vertical drop: 665 m Total time: 6 hours 30 min.
Biela voda – Chata pri Zelenom plese – Chalet by the Zelené pleso-tarn (yellow, 3 h.), Chalet by the Zelené pleso-tarn – Veľké Biele pleso – tarn (red, 30 min.), Veľké Biele pleso – Šalviový prameň – Tatranské Matliare (blue, 3 h.).
From Biele pleso (tarn) it is possible to get back by the same route.


From Starý Smokovec to Zbojnícka chalet

Vertical drop: 950 m, Total time: 6 hours 15 min.
Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok (green, 45 min. or by a funicular, 10 min.), Hrebienok – Rainerś chalet (red, 30 min.), Rainer´s chalet — Zbojnícka chalet (blue, 2 h.), Zbojnícka chalet — Hrebienok (blue + red 2 h. 30 min.), Hrebienok — Starý Smokovec (green, 30 min. or by a funicular, 10 min.).
It is possible to use a funicular to Hrebienok.

To Téry´s chalet

Vertical drop: 1 005 m, Total time: 6 hours 40 min.
Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok (green, 45 min. or by a funicular, 10 min.), Hrebienok – Zamkovského chalet (red, 1 h.), Zamkovského chalet – Téry´s chalet (green, 2 h.), Téry´s chalet – Zamkovského chalet (green, 1 h. 30 min.) – Hrebienok (red, 45 min.) – Starý Smokovec (green, 30 min.).
It is possible to use a funicular to Hrebienok.

From the Belianske Tatra Mountains to the High Tatras

Vertical drop: 855 m, Total time: 7 hours
Tatranská Kotlina – Šumivý prameň – Chalet Plesnivec (green, 1 h. 45 min.), Chalet Plesnivec – Veľké Biele pleso- tarn (green, 1 h. 30 min.), Veľké Biele pleso – tarn – Chalet at Zelené pleso ( červená, 30 min.), Chalet at Zelené pleso – Biela voda ( žltá, 3 h. 15 min.).

It is necessary to check the status of the trails before the hike.

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