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Muzeum tatranskej kinematografie a fotografie -marec

Kaviareň a čajovňa U Vlka – marec

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The Astronomical Institute Stará Lesná – astronomical educational trail

The educational trail of astronomy is suitable for all curious ones, who want to improve their knowledge about the universe and the technology and gadgets used while uncovering the astrological secrets. The trail is accesible from...

Originálny pivný kúpeľ

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The tasting of fresh cheeses in Veľká Franková

Veľká Franková is a beautiful village located in Zamagurie region. It is one of the best producers of different cheeses in Slovakia. The cheese factory is functionable from the spring of 1993, producing  bryndza and cheeses....


The village located 600 – 900 meters above the sea level in the area of Spišská Magura, on the border with Poland. The village has a characteristic chain style of building the houses and was announced...

Exkurzia výroby TATRATEA

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Kaplnka Panny Márie Lurskej

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The Electric Current Converter

Established in 1912, the converter is located on the north side of a railway in Horný Smokovec. Nowadays it is being used as a traction converter of Slovak Railways. It is a cultural monument from 2012.

The Sundial

The sundial or sun clock can be considered to be one of the oldest inventions used in order to measure time. The system is based on the movement of shadows during a sunny day. The basic...

The Sinaj Chaple

The chaple consists of a sacrificial table, a decalogue and a belfry. Location: Nová Lesná – Malý Smokovec

Mineral spring: Kyselka

Traditionally, the natural springs are believed to have beneficial effects on a human body. The High Tatras are the home of many of them. One of these “sources of health” can be found also in Starý...


The highest located calvary in the middle Europe. Despite not being the traditional one, the calvary is an original artistic expression of the professional slovak and polish artists (2010 – 2013), symbolizing a tribute to our...

Výhľadňa (Viewpoint)

If you already have found Kyselka and you still have some spare time, we advise you to go and check out Starý Smokovec from the bird´s perspective. Follow the crooky trail up to the view. It...

Wild Boar Reservation

Even though this location is mainly used for the hunting dogs tranings, it as well provides the opportunity to see a wild boar in a safe manner. The wild boars together with their cubs are bred...

The Tradition of Spa Resorts

Spa resorts have a long-lasting tradition in the High Tatras. The first center was in Nový Smokovec, with pavilons for treatment of a respiratory system. As time went on, the next one were established in Štrbské...

Vila Flóra

The second oldest building in Starý Smokovec. Various art exhibitions are often held there. Vila also has a hall of sport fame of the High Tatras.

Wooden Churches

  The wooden churches are undoubtedly considered to be a unique part of our cultural heritage and a jewel of the slovak folk art. From the original more than 300 wooden churches built in Slovakia only...

The Heart of Tatras

Almost perfect heart-shaped stone just above the railway, between stops Vyšné Hágy and Popradské pleso. After strong Tatra winds in 2004 observable from the train. WARNING: Not accessible on foot, no trail leading there. Admire from...

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