Tatranské informačné kancelárie Starý Smokovec 052/442 34 40 Tatranská Lomnica 052/446 81 19 Informácie


+ 421 905 903 058

The Ternavski ski and snowboard school offers a top Austrian skiing methodology in well-known Slovak winter resorts: Starý Smokovec, Tatranská Lomnica and Bachledova dolina.

They choose for you quality slopes and lifts, suitable for teaching adults and children, beginners and advanced, as well as affordable discounts on lessons. All their instructors have a valid Ski and Snowboard Teacher Certificate issued by an accredited SLA (Slovak Ski Association) or SAPUL, a member of the International Association of Ski Instructors ISIA.

Under their careful and professional guidance, you will spend unforgettable moments on the slopes, full of dynamic movement.

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