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Tatry Games

+421 948 949 229

Escape Room Tatry is located on the first floor of the former production hall in Svit (see map), in the premises of the Laser Arena Tatry.

Do you want to test your logical thinking, improvisation and resistance to stress? This unique game will explore all these skills of yours. Let yourself be locked in a mysterious room, from which you can only get out if you find the right key.

You have 70 minutes to escape and the way out is through solving various puzzles, tasks, getting codes and number locks. You just need to look around carefully, the puzzles in the room are all around you. If you want your escape to succeed, you will have to rely on your intelligence, abilities, skills and teamwork.

Invite colleagues, friends or family to this exciting adrenaline experience. It is an ideal place for teambuilding. Experience the thrill of discovery. Get to know yourselves!

Laser Arena TATRY – We are closed Monday to Thursday, if you want to come, call at least a day in advance. From Friday to Sunday, it is open from 14:00 to 20:00. We accept payments only in cash.

It is a social strategy game that is played in two teams in groups of 2 to 11 players, or alternatively, everyone on their own. Each player’s equipment consists of a laser weapon and a headband sensor. The principle of the weapon works by shooting a light beam into the opponent’s headband, the so-called Head shot. It also involves low-frequency radiation, so you don’t have to worry about your eyesight. Each weapon is assigned its own headband with a unique number, which the software then evaluates when the game ends. That way, you will know how many shots you fired, or how many of them hit their target. The game is played for points, which are counted individually, but also for the team. Your goal is to hit your opponents with as few shots as possible. The software will then evaluate your shooting efficiency. Of course, the software also includes the hits you get from your opponents.

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