Central Restaurant ,,Starý Šmakovec”

+421 52/456 65 55

There’s nothing better than having a really tasty and quality food after a good walk in the fresh air.

All members of your crew will savor the meal. Even the smallest ones have special menu prepared for them.

We will feed up your empty bellies with specialties and traditional meals with a unique taste.

You can find us right in the center of Stary Smokovec. You will enjoy not only tasty food and pleasant service, but also beautiful views of the Slavkovsky peak..

Grill food in the kitchen

For preparing meals we use a special Mibrasa enclosed grill. It is made of high quality steel and designed for professional gastronomy.

Thanks to it, the groceries preserve their natural flavor and get a pleasant smell of the outdoor grill. Almost all meals are prepared on fire, so you will definitely have something to enjoy. Thanks to the unique tanning technology using the beer tank, you can enjoy the unique taste of unpasteurised beer.


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Projekt je realizovaný s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby SR