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Slowenská restaurant Starý Smokovec

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slowenska restauracia vysoke tatr&

Enjoy purely Slovak and delicious specialities in a pleasant Tatra environment. The Slovak restaurant in Starý Smokovec entices you not only with a stylish interior inspired by the work of the Tatra architect – Gedeon Majunke, but above all with its tempting cuisine.

Here you can enjoy fish from Nová Lesná, pork from Tvarožná, beef from Važec, meat products from Hranovnica, bryndza and cheese from Východná. All ingredients on the plates and drinks in cups are of domestic origin. They don’t serve semi-finished products in their kitchen, because they have a talent for homemade pirohy, “šúľance” and fragrant bread.

The Slowenská restaurant Starý Smokovec has also non-traditional surprises. There is a butcher’s shop ready for gourmets, from which the employees will prepare a delicacy to pair with your beer or for a takeaway. You will also find a unique “borovička” bar (juniper brandy bar) with up to 30 types of this alcohol.

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